Nekopara (Episode 12) – Summer Beach Cat Paradise!

It’s Nekopara’s final episode, and this anime isn’t going out quietly! Featuring another round of physical examinations, followed by the beach, this episode is packed with Nekopara fan service!

Summer Beach Cat Paradise!

So what I wrote in the… what do we even call that part? The pre-post synopsis? The snippet? Anyways, what I wrote there is basically what happens this episode!

First, Shigure does a physical examination of the cats. It felt eerily similar to the last one, as I’m pretty sure the cats all wore the same lingerie and everything. Azuki and Coconut square off again, and I wonder if they just flipped the image from the last time. I’m too lazy to go back and check though, so if any of you wanted to take a look go ahead and let me know!

After that, the cats go swimsuit shopping and then hit the beach where we get plenty of still shots of the girls partaking in various beach activities. Finally, the cats help out at a beachside cafe.

Episode Thoughts

I’m always up for swimsuits! Overall this was probably one of the more ecchi episodes Nekopara had to offer, so it really ends with some serious fan service. That said, this episode lacked that cat comedy that we get in so many other episodes.

Overall though, I’d say this was a good episode. So often we get ecchi series that sacrifice fan service in the final episodes in order to rush through a conclusion to the story, and that just makes this situation nice to see. I feel like you don’t typically get the most fan service in the final episode! Even Highschool DxD skimped in the fan service in the end of its first season if I recall correctly.

Of course, Nekopara doesn’t really have a story to wrap up, which works well in this case!

Ecchi Highlights

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