Nekopara (Episode 2) – A Lost Kitten?

It’s time for another episode of cute cats doing cute things: Nekopara!
Where catgirls act like cats, and that’s about it.


Chocola arrives home to find that a stray catgirl had followed her inside. Chocola then tries to hide the stray from her Master, but eventually the stray is discovered. Shigure, catgirl enthusiast and the Master’s sister (I think) arrives to take in the stray while she investigates if it belongs to anyone. After being introduced to the other cats, Shigure gives the stray a bath and then they go to sleep.

Episode Thoughts

Another cute episode. I think I liked this one more than last episode, if only because there was a bit more direction with the stray cat. Coconut was just as entertaining this episode too, and we got a nice pout from her. I’m a big fan of pouts, so that was the highlight of the episode for me. I think every episode of Nekopara is going to be me saying “this episode was cute”. It’s hard to think of any other way to describe what I’ve just seen!

Episode Highlights

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