Nekopara (Episode 3) – The Cared for Child

More Nekopara, more Coconut!

The Cared for Child

The stray cat that was taken in seems to be a bit of trouble, as she constantly wanders off and doesn’t seem to pay much attention to anyone. She then gets lost and all of the catgirls look around for her. Chocola finds her where she had found her previously, and brings her home. Then Chocola asks to take care of the stray, and her master allows it.

Episode Thoughts

What can I say, there isn’t very much substance to this anime at all. It’s sort of a mindless sequence of events where catgirls just do whatever, with a loose storyline attached. Once again, there were some great Coconut moments. She seems to be the most cat-like out of all the girls, which makes her the most entertaining to watch I think.

Episode Highlights

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