Nekopara (Episode 4) – First Time…!

Now that the stray cat has been officially adopted by Chocola and Vanilla’s Master, she has to adjust to life as a housecat as she is introduced to plenty of first times.

First Time…!

The still-unnamed stray cat engages in all sorts of activities with the other cats, from watching TV, to eating cake, to playing with cat toys, to being measured, to visiting the beach. Also, she’s given a name – Cacao!

Episode Thoughts

This was actually a great episode. Just as relaxing as prior episodes, but there were a lot of funny cat moments too. Cacao and Chocola playing with cat toys, Caocao finding a box, things like this. Although I will say that they did it wrong with the box, because Caocao snuck around under the box – true cats simply sit in the box!

In addition to all that fun though, we also got some pretty good fan service this episode with all the girls being measured. Which makes this overall a real winner in my books.

Episode Highlights

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