Nekopara (Episode 5) – Cacao’s Adventure

Despite first impressions, Nekopara has really proven itself to be a fun, exciting, and at times, ecchi anime! And that all continues this episode with more of the lovely catgirls!

Cacao’s Adventure

The Master seems a little troubled, causing Chocola and Vanilla to fear the worst – the patisserie must be having financial troubles! The cat waitresses all band together to figure out ways to bring in more business, such as offering photos with the purchase of product, and handing out business cards.

While the girls are working, Cacao decides to do her own part and hand out business cards, but she ends up getting a little lost. Eventually, with the help of a little girl she ran into, she makes it back home. We also find out that the Master wasn’t worried about finances, and that he was just struggling to come up with a new cake for the summertime!

Episode Thoughts

Something about Nekopara is really starting to click with me. I’ll be honest, I had very little to say about this anime when it first aired, it seemed very ordinary and unexciting. Now, I find myself looking forward to watching the next episode. Sure, not that much happens in an episode, but the cats have become so fun to watch that everything just falls in place. Add in some fan service here and there (unfortunately not much this episode) and this show is becoming a real winner!

Ecchi Highlights

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