Nekopara (Episode 6) – Battles Without Honor and Cat-Humanity!

It seems that the rivalry between Azuki and Coconut has reached its peak! And this means it’s time for these two cats to settle their differences… through competition!

Battles Without Honor and Cat-Humanity!

After their rivalry has become too heated, Shigure suggests that the two settle their differences once and for all. And so, all of the cats gather for a 3v3 competition! It consists of various games, such as Twister, resisting the temptation to eat expensive cat food, an obstacle course, and a few others. After a day of competition, Azuki and Coconut manage to reconcile their relationship, sort of.

Episode Thoughts

Overall the games were split between being fan service, and being funny due to playing on cat instincts. For example, the obstacle course had a ramp made out of the same material as scratching posts, so Azuki and Coconut had to resist scratching it. There was a game involving a box in which Maple and Cinnamon immediately darted underneath it. Funny moments like that.

And the fan service games were mainly Twister and a game that was basically a parody of Keijo!!!!!!!! where the girls have to knock each other into the water using their butts. I don’t know if this is a legitimate game in Japan, I couldn’t find anything on it, but I think it definitely was poking fun at Keijo!!!!!!!! as Azuki uses a technique where she does figure eights with her butt to confuse her opponent or something like this.

Overall, another fun episode of Nekopara!

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