Nekopara (Episode 7) – House-Sitting Cats

The humans are out on a stormy night, leaving the cats of Nekopara to weather the storm on their own!

House-Sitting Cats

With the Master held up by train delays, and Shigure held up by traffic, the cats only have each other to pass the time cooped up inside during a particularly windy and rainy storm. The power soon goes out, leaving the cats in the dark. So they light a candle, and begin to tell stories and fables to pass the time…

Episode Thoughts

A very straight-forward episode, as the entire episode was basically stories in which the characters were represented by the Nekopara cast. Unforauntely, none of the stories really featured any fan service. Even still, the episode maintained that relaxing Nekopara tone that we’ve had from the start, and it was an enjoyable episode for what it was – some of the stories were actually pretty funny.

Episode Highlights

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