Nekopara (Episode 8) – The Melancholy of Shigure

Shigure has been feeling down, and so once again it’s up to the cats to try and solve the problem! What could the issue be though?

The Melancholy of Shigure

After a hot summer night, the cats wake up to find that Shigure is spacing out and acting lethargic. They try to help around the house, before deciding that maybe Shigure needs to see her brother. However, that doesn’t work either. That night the cats speak with Shigure about it, and she reveals that she was feeling down because the cats normally sleep with her, but haven’t lately because of the summer heat!

Episode Thoughts

Another cute episode, it’s entertaining watching the cats try to solve problems. They make for a ragtag team that has the right intentions but doesn’t always go about things the best way. Because they are cats, sort of. Unfortunately, this episode we didn’t get too many cat jokes like we usually do.

Overall, not a bad episode, but it wasn’t the greatest of what we’ve seen so far.

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