Nekopara (Episode 9) – True Feelings

Nekopara is back with an episode centered around Maple and Cinnamon! As usual, it’s got that cute and relaxed feeling that Nekopara has managed to convey from the beginning.

True Feelings

The cats and their masters go to an amusement park. While there, they spot a live show for kids featuring an anime that Maple and Cinnamon used to watch when they were kittens. Cinnamon volunteers to be “captured”, and Maple has to go up and sing to rescue her.

Afterwards, Cinnamon stalks Maple who was acting odd and discovers that she’s been working a part-time job at a music store in order to save up for a guitar and lessons, as she wants to become a singer who can also play the guitar. Conveniently, a singing contest is coming up and the prize happens to be a white guitar. After some training and help from Cinnamon and the other cats, Maple sings and ends up winning.

Episode Thoughts

What can I say, it was another very cute episode. Maple and Cinnamon are cute together, and while the story was cliche, it was cute. Nekopara has managed to just make everything very cute with this anime. I know that the anime is based off adult visual novels, but I’m not getting an “adult” vibe from the anime at all. If anything I’d want one of these cats just to pet and cuddle with.

Nothing in terms of fan service this episode.

Episode Highlights

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