Nekopara (Season One)

While not exactly on time, we’re now done with the first season of Nekopara. And the only one, for now… I didn’t know what to expect going into an anime about catgirls, but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome! There’s just something about Nekopara…


Nekopara is an ecchi slice of life anime that follows the daily lives of a group of 6 catgirls, including 1 new catgirl that joins them. That’s it! The cats work at a patisserie, play, sit around, shop, go to the beach… things like that.

There’s Something About Nekopara…

I’ll be honest, I watched the first episode of Nekopara and at the time I wasn’t really into it. The show seemed kind of bland and boring at a glance. However, after a couple more episodes the show just grew on me. There’s something about it, but what exactly is it?

Nekopara Episode 8 Cats Spying

Cat Comedy

First off is what I’ve begun calling “cat comedy”. It’s the primary source of jokes in Nekopara, and jokes are the lifeblood of slice of life anime (generally). What Nekopara did was take these catgirls and give them cat-like quirks. Who would have thought it’d be so effective? The thing is, watching the catgirls in situations where their cat senses are tested is just funny. Be it chasing an object on the ground, or jumping through the roof at a zucchini, or hopping into a box… it just works.

Start to finish there are plenty of real funny moments in Nekopara thanks to this cat comedy. I really grew to enjoy it and look forward to more of it.

Comfy Cat Vibes

Next up is the other lifeblood of a good slice of life – the tone. Generally, a good slice of life anime is funny, and lighthearted. Nekopara nailed the comedy, and it also nailed the tone. This is just an incredibly comfy anime to watch. There’s no real tension, no thrills, nothing like that, it’s just a really lighthearted and easygoing anime. The cats mess around and funny things happen. Nekopara manages to create a nice relaxed atmosphere.

Fan Service

Finally, Nekopara treats us to some great fan service. I wouldn’t call fan service a prerequisite of slice of life, but coming from the perspective of an ecchi enthusiast, it’s appreciated. It’s more like a nice side dish to the main course. Not every episode is packed with fan service though, so you can expect some episodes to have plenty, and others to have next to none.

Overall though I’d say there’s more fan service than not.
Definitely enough to consider Nekopara an ecchi anime.

Series Highlights

There was a good deal of fan service in Nekopara, so here’s some highlights of the season to give you an idea of it.


Story / Characters – Good

Nekopara is a good slice of life anime. The characters grow on you, and you begin to learn the quirks of each catgirl. There are many funny moments, and even some warm heartfelt moments too. While there isn’t really a story, Nekopara does a good job at slice of life.

Ecchi Content – Mild

Alright, hear me out here. Nekopara is an ecchi anime, no doubt, it has enough fan service to meet that requirement. However, aside from a couple of moments where the cats are in lingerie or swimsuits, we don’t really get too much… “ecchi” fan service. Things like panty shots, or ecchi situations… nothing like that. Nekopara is too lighthearted for that. So while what we get is decent, it’s missing that “ecchi” factor, if you catch my drift.

Wrapping Up…

All in all, Nekopara is a fun and relaxed ecchi slice of life. If you enjoy slice of life like I do, you’ll likely end up enjoying this one. And if you like ecchi, you can treat that as a bonus. I wouldn’t watch Nekopara ONLY for the ecchi though, as you’ll likely be disappointed in that case. There are better anime out there if you’re just looking for an ecchi fix.

As I’ve covered this series from start to finish, you can find the individual episode reviews here:

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