No Game No Life (Episode 10) – It’s Finally Time

After lots of careful planning and preparation, the time has finally come. With a flugel, Kurami Zell, and an elf on board, Sora and Shiro are ready to challenge the Eastern Federation – with their Race Piece on the line!

Blue Rose

Kurami Zell and her elf companion, who we’ve learned is called Fil Nivalen, after their dangerous game last episode, are now willing to cooperate with Sora and Shiro after Kurami obtained a copy of Sora’s memories. She now has complete confidence that Sora and Shiro are not working with a third party, and understands their resolve to fight for Imanity.

We get some fan service in the form of another bath scene, and a scene between Sora and Kurami the night before the big day – the game with the Eastern Federation, also known as the warbeasts.

The next day, Sora, Shiro, Steph, and Jibril head out to the Eastern Federation’s embassy – riding right through the crowd of protesting humans outside the castle gates. At the embassy, Sora issues a command to Steph, as she still owed him one from losing a game to him in a prior episode. They are then brought to a stadium. The audience is composed of humans from Elkia, the very same that were protesting earlier due to their Race Piece being on the line.

The old man warbeast goes over the 10 pledges and some formalities. And then it’s time. The players are Sora, Shiro, Steph and Jibril vs. Izuna in a virtual reality game. Kurami and Fil are on the sidelines, observing. Fil also makes sure that the old man detects her magic, in order to act as a way to deter the warbeasts from cheating.

Finally, we get to see the game itself… and it’s not looking good for our hero siblings. The game takes place in a lively virtual replica of Tokyo!

Episode Thoughts

After all the preparation leading up to this point, the game against the warbeasts, unfortunately it seems we’ll have to wait ONE MORE episode to actually see the game. All we got was a brief scene of the virtual Tokyo causing Sora and Shiro to come down with some serious social anxiety.

So, on the story side, this episode was lacking a bit of excitement there. I think there were some good moments though. I really like Kurami Zell, and she actually had a good amount of screentime this episode – we also got fan service of her. And while the game hasn’t truly begun yet, there were some scenes where Sora really showed his confidence, leading me to believe that he’s got more tricks up his sleeve.

First he issued an order to Steph that we don’t know, and second he gained the ability to alter Fil’s memories, which leads me to believe that she will play a more important role than just being a deterrent.

But once again, unfortunately we’ll have to wait until next episode to see how it all plays out!

Episode Highlights

Meeting + Jibril Punishment

Steamy Bath

Game Time

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