No Game No Life (Episode 12) – One Step Closer

It’s the finale of No Game No Life! Starting with the conclusion of their fast-paced game versus the warbeasts, Sora and Shiro continue to make history in the game world of Disboard.

Rule Number 10

With her warbeast ability, Blood Destruction, activated, Izuna is able to defy physics with supernatural speed and reflexes. This puts Sora and Shiro on the run. Eventually, they make a final stand, and are defeated by Izuna. Just when she thinks she’s won, she gets shot from behind by Steph, winning the game for Imanity.

It turns out that Steph had been rendered unconscious due to running out of energy from the NPCs, and so she was riding an NPC piggyback until Shiro shot her and refilled her ammo. Steph was then able to come up behind Izuna undetected because the NPCs apparently don’t make any sound. Steph was only able to do this because Sora had ordered her to follow any written orders, and Shiro had written down orders for her on the ground last episode.

Anyways, after the game, Elkia has gained all of the Eastern Federation’s territory on the continent. While in the bath, Sora and Shiro are contacted by the warbeast’s Shrine Priestess, who seems to be their leader. We learn that Sora and Shiro not only contacted the elves, but also the flugel, selling information on the warbeast’s game. However, this is why Fi’s memory was altered – so that she would give the wrong information. As for the flugel, I guess they just never told them the truth?

The Shrine Priestess challenges Sora to a game on the spot. It seems like it will be all-or-nothing at first, but in reality the game favours Elkia. Elkia wagers the return of the Eastern Federation’s territory, and the Eastern Federation wagers all of their territory, on the condition that they are allowed to self-rule.

They toss a coin, and it lands on it’s side, causing a tie. Sora proposes a win-win scenario, where imanity and the warbeasts team up, forming the Elkia Federation, and then fight a defensive war against the elves and flugel who are bound to attack. The Shrine Priestess accepts.

We learn more about Sora and Shiro’s quest to challenge Tet. Disboard’s rule number 10 states “Let’s all have fun and play together!”, implying that all of the 16 races on Disboard shouldn’t be fighting, but instead joining together in order to play a game versus Tet.

The anime ends with a short clip of Kurami and Fi in the elven territory, with the orders to tear the country apart from within, and with Sora and Shiro meeting an Old Deus – the god that the Shrine Priestess serves.

Episode Thoughts

I’ll save my thoughts for the overall series, as I’ll be writing a review for No Game No Life. However, I’ll say that this episode definitely leaves the viewer wanting more. Everything it setup to hint at some major power plays in the future, with more games and more intrigue. While a lot has happened since Sora and Shiro arrived in Disboard, in reality they still have a long way to go. They’ve only teamed up with 1 race, meaning there are still 14 to go.

We got to see some action at the start, with the end of the game. We got some more fanservice, and we were teased about the future potential of this series. It was a good episode.

My only criticism would be that the final game, the coin toss, felt a bit rushed.. but I can also understand why they did it. The game favoured Sora and Shiro, in that they really didn’t stand to lose that much in the wager. Just land they had only acquired maybe a day prior. And they stood to gain the entire Eastern Federation as their puppet state. So considering the game lacked any real tension, it makes sense to just throw out a quick game. Plus they needed a game that could end in a draw, so it all just works out.

Episode Highlights

Game End

Fan Service

Shrine Priestess

No Game No Life Finale

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