No Game No Life (Episode 2) – The Game Has Begun

Sora and Shiro continue to quickly adapt to their circumstances in this new world, Disboard. They meet with Stephanie Dola, granddaughter to the former king, and challenge her to a game.


Sora and Shiro are confronted by Stephanie Dola, the previous king’s granddaughter. She is angry because Sora pointed out to her that her opponent was cheating, but didn’t tell her how, so she lost her spot in the tournament, and her chances of taking the crown.

Sora and Shiro take advantage of Steph’s emotions, and Sora ends up challenging her to a game. He purposely sets up the conditions so that Steph doesn’t realize his true intentions. And after a tie game of rock, paper, scissors, Steph owes Sora a “small favour”. Sora commands Steph to fall in love with him.

We also learn that Sora and Shiro cannot be separated, or else they both lose their minds and have a nervous breakdown.

Steph gives the two siblings a place to stay, and they proceed to study Disboard’s language. We also learn a little bit of history. The episode ends with Sora telling Steph that they will take back the kingdom.

Episode 2 Highlights

As for the story, this episode has built the foundations for Sora and Shiro to take back the kingdom. We’ve learned that Imanity (humans) are the weakest race in the world because they don’t have any magical ability. As a result, they’ve lost and lost until all that is left is a single nation – Elkia.

It also seems that the cheater, Kurami, is on the verge of being crowned Elkia’s new king.

On it’s current course, this country is doomed to fall.”.
– Sora

Luckily, the two genius gamer siblings have been brought to Disboard just in time to change the course of history. We’ll have to wait and see how they accomplish this.

Ecchi Highlights

In terms of ecchi / fan service, this episode delivered with several scenes featuring Steph’s chest, and a steamy shower scene.

Now that we have Steph added to the main cast, I think we can expect to see much more of her in future episodes. Which means much more fan service!

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