No Game No Life (Episode 4) – First Elkia, And Then The World

Backed into a corner, Kurumi Zell proceeds to go all-in with her magical chess battle against Sora and Shiro. Unfortunately for Kurumi, she was playing right into their hands…!


With Kurumi at her wits end, she commands her chess pieces to attack the traitorous queen and pieces that abandoned her side. But just as they begin to march forward, her king is assassinated by one of his own subjects, losing her the game. Sora and Shiro have won the game, and earned the right to be crowned king.

The only problem is that there are two of them! Sora volunteers to be king in name, but Shiro refuses because she doesn’t want him forming his own harem as king. The two battle it out in games for three days, before reading the rules of Disboard and finding out that there can be more than one representative per race. And so, they are both crowned king.

They quickly get internal affairs in order, both by using knowledge from their world (such as agricultural or economical information) and by commanding all of the nobles underneath them to lose a game to them, causing the rules of Disboard to enforce their loyalty (just like how Steph was made to love Sora by losing a game to him). We then witness a bold speech by Sora to the people of Elkia, where he proclaims that Imanity, the weakest race, will refine their wisdom and crush the strong. He also declares war on the rest of the world.

The episode ends with the Disboard god Tet paying a visit to Sora and Shiro, and we find out that if they conquer all other 15 races, they will have enough chess pieces to challenge Tet to a game.

Episode 4 Highlights

While we did see the tail end of the chess battle in this episode, it was fairly certain that Sora and Shiro were going to win coming into it. It was nice to see more of Kurumi though, as she questions Sora and Shiro after the game. I think she’s an interesting character, her and her elf companion.

It was enjoyable to just watch Sora and Shiro shake things up in the kingdom now that they are the new kings of Elkia, and I believe that this was the intention of the episode. It’s fun to watch Steph and other noble’s reactions to what their new kings say and do.

Ultimately this episode was setting up for Sora and Shiro’s true purpose in Disboard – to conquer all 16 races, and challenge Tet. They definitely have a long way to go. Such an interesting concept!

There were some good Steph moments this episode, including a tall image of her in a maid outfit I put together, although you can tell the lighting changed over the course of the panning shot.

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