No Game No Life (Episode 5) – Stephanie “Dog” Dola

Who’s a good girl? Steph is! After being crowned King of Elkia, both Sora and Shiro seem to have pushed all administration onto Steph and gone off to play games and slack off – Steph’s had enough! It’s time for her to whip those two into shape!

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In the beginning of this episode, Steph has one goal in mind – to make these two perform their jobs as king properly! And so, she challenges Sora to a game – blackjack, and loses. Sora and Shiro end up going back to the castle with Steph for a meeting with some upstart nobles. They proceed to win all of the noble’s titles and landings through a game.

They then find out that Steph is actually very smart, as she reveals the methodology by which she had been able to passively appease all of the other nobles in Elkia. This discovery shocks them, finding out that Steph is not only smart but also graduated top of her class at the most prestigious academy in Elkia and has connections with all of the country’s major families.

As punishment for having a successful social life (and losing blackjack earlier), Steph is ordered to be Sora and Shiro’s dog for the day. Steph mentions that they are getting weird looks in town because she is dressed like a warbeast, which causes Sora to realize that cat-girls, bunny-girls, and dog-girls exist in Disboard.

Steph proceeds to challenge the two to countless games to try and stop Sora’s madness (challenging the warbeasts, one of the most powerful countries in Disboard) and ends up losing all of her clothing, as well as having to wear glasses. Finally, Sora admits that they are at a total loss because they lack the information needed to challenge the warbeasts. Steph mentions that her grandfather lost Elkia’s library to a flugel in a game.

The episode ends with the trio going to take back Elkia’s library!

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Episode Thoughts

While there were some fun moments, and we did get to see some games, this episode felt a bit lackluster. Ultimately there just weren’t any high-stakes games played this episode, which should change with the next one as Sora and Shiro proceed to challenge the flugel in possession of Elkia’s library to a game.

We did get to see a lot of Steph though, which was nice. One thing I’ve noticed about Steph is that she is pretty much always overreacting to what Sora + Shiro do and say, which makes her look like she doesn’t know what she is doing. In reality though, she’s quite smart. Steph’s weakness that is exposed in this episode is that she’s too naive when it comes to playing games, always thinking that people are playing fair.

Personally, when it comes to animal ears on anime girls, I prefer the cat variety. Still, I guess dog ears and tail are better than nothing. Normally I like glasses too, but they look sort of odd on Steph in my opinion. Anyways, if you’ve seen this episode before, you probably remember Stephanie “Dog” Dola!

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