No Game No Life (Episode 6) – Materialization Shiritori

Sora and Shiro arrive at Elkia’s former library and meet its current flugel owner. The angelic and titillating Jibril!


After some introductions, including Sora touching Jibril’s wings and giving her a great deal of pleasure, the two parties sit down to discuss terms for their game. Sora offers Jibril a tablet containing 40,000 books from their world, and once she has a look and sees a language she doesn’t understand, Jibril becomes absolutely desperate for that tablet.

And so, with confidence, she offers not only the library, but also her own life as collateral.

The game is “materialization shiratori”. Shiratori is a game where you have to say a word that begins with the character the previous word ended in. The catch is that with this game, if they say something that exists there with them, it will disappear. If it doesn’t, it will appear. The game ends when one side uses a word that’s already been said, fails to answer within 30 seconds, or cannot continue. Steph is also present during the game as a bystander.

Sora has one distinct advantage over Jibril in this game – knowledge from Earth. But first, he takes the opportunity to take away women’s privates and nipples, so that when their clothes are removed, the scene is still safe for work. After quite some time has elapsed though, Sora begins to execute his plan by leveraging his knowledge of atomic theory as well as other knowledge to eventually create a supernova that ends up killing Jibril before it kills him and Shiro.

And so they win back the library as well as Jibril’s service!

Episode Thoughts

This was an excellent episode. I can’t really do it justice with my synopsis! It was a perfect blend of story progression, excitement, and fan service.

Jibril is a fun character. Extremely confident in her abilities, and has a lust for knowledge. Unlike Steph who is almost always losing her cool over something, Jibril is calm and collected. She has no issues playing the game while completely naked!

The game itself is also great, a lot of back and forth words used. They go from hydrogen bomb to the beach to summoning monsters to eventually destroying the universe with a supernova. Very extreme and very cool! If you haven’t seen it before, I’d say this is one of the more exciting episodes in the series just because this game ends up being so exciting and interesting to watch.

Now that the library has been re-conquered, we’ll have to see how Sora and Shiro proceed with their research of the warbeasts, with the help of Jibril!

Ecchi Time!

I wonder if we’ll ever get more ecchi than we did in this episode!
I’d explain but it’s easier if I just share the highlights.

Meeting Jibril

Fun At The Beach

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