No Game No Life (Episode 7) – Imanity’s New Hope

Now in possession of Elkia’s library, and the flugel Jibril, Sora and Shiro begin to dig for information on the warbeasts – their next target for conquest!


Sora and Shiro begin researching the warbeasts, and probe Jibril for information. We learn that anyone who challenges the warbeasts has their memory of the game they played erased, making it next to impossible to prepare a strategy against them. It turns out that the elves have challenged the warbeasts 4 times, and that imanity (Elkia) has challenged them 8 times. No one has won against them.

While upset at Elkia’s previous king for losing so much territory to the warbeasts, Sora understands that there must be a deeper reason for why he kept challenging them. He digs in and begins trying to figure out the reason, analyzing all of the territory losses and thinking about the former king’s strategy.

Steph, realizing that Sora is believing in her grandfather, gives him a key that was passed down to her. They find a secret study in the former king’s bedroom containing a book with his writings. Sora surmises that his memories weren’t actually erased, but that he was forbidden to speak about the game he had played – which enticed him to continue to challenge the warbeasts. But now that he is no longer alive, his knowledge of the game can be passed down to Elkia’s new king, in hopes that they might be able to finally beat the warbeasts at their own game.

Kurami becomes convinced that Sora & Shiro are working for the warbeasts once she finds out they beat a flugel (Jibril).

Episode Thoughts

This really felt like an intermission episode. What we got was a good deal of fan service (stick around for that!) and some preparation for when Sora and Shiro challenge the warbeasts. There were no games played in this episode, and majority of the episode focused on Elkia’s previous king and his actions, as well as the warbeasts.

From an action perspective, this wasn’t the most exciting episode. But to be fair, considering how intense last episode was with the materialization shiratori game, I think it’s fair that we get an episode like this where we can cool down before the next exciting game. There was still a great deal of interesting content in this episode, as well as some great fan service.

So all in all, I think this was a pretty good episode. It sets us up for some future excitement, and has me eager to keep watching to find out what happens next!

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