No Game No Life (Episode 8) – Rogue Diplomacy

Armed with the information they need, it’s time for Sora and Shiro to pay a trip to the warbeast’s embassy for some aggressive diplomacy!

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Sora, Shiro, Jibril and Steph arrive at the embassy of the Eastern Federation, a massive and technologically advanced structure. Inside they are brought to a board room. On the way, Jibril cannot help but trash talk the assistant ambassador that takes them there, causing some agitation.

Once there, the ambassador, Izuna Hatsuse, is brought as well. Her cute appearance causes Sora and Shiro to begin petting her, much to the disdain of the assistant ambassador, who happens to be her grandfather. Eventually they get to the actual diplomacy. Sora challenges the old man to a game for his granddaughter’s panties, in return for Steph’s panties. This further enrages the old man.

Eventually Sora explains everything, about how the warbeasts must be using a potentially rigged video game in order to win in a way that magic cannot be a factor, as they have won against flugel and the elves in the past.

This information gives Sora and Shiro the upper hand – if the elves were to figure out that the warbeast’s type of game, they could use magic and figure out a way to beat the warbeasts. So the only options for the warbeasts are to play a game and have Sora + Shiro’s memories erased, risking their territory on the continent, or try and discredit them by calling them liars.

But then Sora ups the ante, and bets Imanity’s Race Piece. What this means is that the warbeasts will have no choice but to fight Sora and Shiro. If they turn down this challenge, the elves will know for sure that they turned it down for some reason, and Sora and Shiro could then easily go to the elves and make an agreement with them for the information.

As the warbeasts need time to make their decision, Sora and Shiro go back to their castle. The people of the kingdom are enraged that their Race Piece has been bet, as loss of it would result in the rules of Disboard no longer applying for them. The episode ends with Sora giving Shiro a little pep talk, before walking away and disappearing. Shiro wakes up the next morning and Sora is gone, all traces of him – including Steph’s memories of him.

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Episode Thoughts

Well, I tried to keep that synopsis brief, but man it’s hard to explain everything properly in a concise manner. There may have not been a game played this episode, but the diplomacy in itself was a game, a battle of wits between Sora and the old man for the most part. Also, I figured it’s better to have a better explanation of what happened here, because I don’t have too much to say about it!

It was an enjoyable episode, and it also sets up for two confrontations – one with Kurami Zell + elf, and one with the warbeasts. Now that Imanity’s Race Piece has been bet, there is a chess piece branded on all Imanity’s chests to remind them of that. So naturally, Kurami isn’t the type to wait around and see what happens. Sora also hints at this by mentioning that he was “waiting for someone with backbone” to challenge them to a game in order to try and stop them from going to war with the warbeasts.

Although I wrote last episode that we should be getting more action this episode, it seems we’ll have to wait until next episode first!

Also, there wasn’t too much in terms of ecchi content this time around. The fan service seems to ebb and flow in No Game No Life. Either we get a lot of fan service, or none at all.

Some Highlights

Jibril is Curious

Izuna Hatsuse

Sora & Shiro

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