No Game No Life (Episode 9) – Existential Othello

Shiro wakes up to find out that nobody remembers Sora. Everything turns black-and-white, as Shiro struggles to figure out her new circumstances…

Sky Walk

In a panic, Shiro runs to the little dark house that her and Sora lived in for a while. Jibril appears, and also has no memory of Sora. She poses that fake memories were implanted into Shiro’s mind, as the result of a game. And so Jibril tells Shiro to intentionally lose a game with her so that she can have the fake memories removed.

Shiro begins the game, but can’t let herself lose, because Blank (Sora + Shiro) never loses. She proceeds to win the game of chess and colour is restored to the world. From there, Shiro, Steph and Jibril try to figure out what could have caused Sora to disappear from their memories. Eventually, Shiro poses that he bet his very existence as a part of a game. Jibril scans the castle bedroom and detects magic, and then Steph proceeds to trip over nothing.

There are some Othello pieces on the ground. Shiro sits down and proceeds to try and visualize how Sora would have played the game – a game where each Othello stone is tied to a persons memory or existence itself. And then Shiro manages to win the game, causing everyone to reappear – Sora, Kurami Zell, and the elf.

We find out that Sora purposely chose this complicated game in order to show his memories to Kurami Zell, so that she would be able to trust him and Shiro. And with this newfound trust, Kurami Zell and her elf friend are now on the side of Imanity, in time for what will likely be a game against the warbeasts.

Episode Thoughts

This episode was quite interesting, because it really displays the absolute power and lengths one can go to using the world’s built in rules around games – not just from winning a game, but even during a game itself. We had Steph fall in love with Sora, although apparently due to the wording she can fall out of love afterwards, and we’ve had memory alterations as a result of games. But this really ups the ante, with one’s own existence on the line. It’s just interesting how the entire world will bend to conform to something like this, effectively changing history by removing Sora’s existence, if only temporarily.

Sora also managed to create the game in a manner that Kurami Zell would have absolute trust in him and his intentions. Now Kurami knows for certain that Sora and Shiro are not working with some other race, and that they fight for Imanity alone.

Sora also reserved the right to alter the elf’s memories, which is likely part of some plan involving the game against the warbeasts which should be happening very soon.

Once again, we didn’t get much in terms of fan service.
The most we got was Shiro grabbing Steph’s boobs and then diving into them, in order to see if it would evoke a romantic response from Steph.

Some Highlights

Steph Fan Service

Colourless World + Colour Explosion

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