OreSuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? (Episode 1) – A Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Last season we had HenSuki, and it turned out to be a very unique and fun ecchi anime! And this season, we’ve got another interesting title with OreSuki! Let’s see what this new romcom is all about!

I’m Really Just An Ordinary High School Student

Our episode begins with protagonist Amatsuyu “Joro” Kisaragi starting out his day fairly regularly. On his way to school he bumps into his friend, the cute Aoi “Himawari” Hinata, who clings to him and acts very close to him. At school we meet his friend Taiyo “Sun-chan” Oga, ace of the baseball team, as well as the beautiful student council president Sakura “Cosmos” Akino, to whom Joro acts as secretary for.

After school, with student council duties completed, Cosmos asks Joro out on a date. Flustered, he accepts. That night, Himawari also asks Joro on a date, which he schedules for the day after his date with Cosmos. And well, BOTH dates go unexpectedly…

On Saturday Joro goes on a date with Cosmos until the sun is setting. And this is when Cosmos has a confession for him… she’s in love with Sun-chan and wants Joro’s help to get her closer to him! Shocked, Joro accepts and moves on. The next day, after a fun day with Himawari, she too has a comfession for him… she’s ALSO in love with Sun-chan and wants Joro’s help!

Unbelievable! Joro goes home that night and realizes that his “nice guy” persona has completely failed him. Moving forward, he has decided to show Himawari and Cosmos more of his true self. In addition, he’ll help both of them, because that way, he might still end up with one of them after all is said and done.

Everything seems to be back on track.. sort of… until Joro is ambushed by a third girl – Sumireko “Pansy” Sanshokuin. She too has a confession for Joro… that she loves him. And that she stalks him. And that she knows his true personality, behind the “nice guy” mask he wears in public!

Episode Thoughts

Wow, lot to unpack with this first episode!

Seeing as I’m bad with names in anime, and this anime uses nicknames for everyone, I’m just going to do the same and call everyone by their nickname. Even if one of those nicknames is “Pansy”, which made me laugh, but I suppose the word doesn’t have the same meaning in Japan that it does here in the West! In the end it technically is just a flower, although I can think of some more twisted flowers that would better describe Sumireko…

Anyways, first off, the episode was absolutely hilarious. Joro’s reactions to being confessed to by the girls were spot on. I especially loved his reaction to Himawari hugging him AFTER having confessed to him that she loves Sun-chan, and his reaction to Cosmos holding his hand after making that same confession. This anime is going to be one wild ride, I can already tell.

And when you add Pansy into the mix, you’ve got the recipe for some serious chaos. I really hope she gets Joro to bring out his true personality more, because so many anime protagonists are just nice guys. I want to see a more arrogant, straight up, selfish protagonist. Pansy referred to his personalities using Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which is interesting. We’ll have to see how Joro’s nice guy and mean guy personalities balance out as the series moves forward.

As for the ecchi content, well, I’m going to slate this one as a traditional “ecchi” anime for now. We did get a Himawari panty shot, and the anime did give us some shots of the girl’s legs / chests, but it was a bit light on the ecchi. That could change though, and it’s clear the anime is going out of it’s way to give us some fan service shots.

Overall, OreSuki is looking like it’ll be a very fun and wild ride of a romantic comedy, with some fan service mixed in. All the ingredients needed for an awesome show, I’d say!

Episode Highlights

Meeting Himawari

Meeting Cosmos

Date #1 – Cosmos

Date #2 – Himawari

Anger & Disappointment

Deal With The Devil

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