OreSuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? (Episode 10) – Tampopo

After a recap week, OreSuki is back! Wasting no time, this episode throws Joro right back into some interesting circumstances. That, and we get to see the cute cast of OreSuki + 1 this week!

Even I’m Useful Once In A While

Immediately Joro is pulled into the science room by someone, revealed to be Tampopo. The first year girl who was considered for the Flower Dance, but had refused. It turns out that she is the baseball team manager. And she has something to ask Joro. Conveniently, there is a bench in the science room…

Tampopo then asks Joro to help her get Sanshokuin (Pansy) and Oga (Sun-chan) together. Before Joro can refuse, she explains that she was at that baseball game last year… After the team’s loss, Tampopo decided that she wanted to manage the school’s baseball team and so she waited at the exit. And there she saw Oga with Pansy. Now, she wants them to get together in order to motivate Oga to play better. Afterwards Asunaro appears, having snuck into the room, and offers to help.

Later on, Asaka attempts to ask Joro out, but fails.

And then after some failed attempts at probing Pansy about Oga, the entire operation fails as Tampopo is exposed as having lied, as she was actually cheering for the opposing team. Her real reason for the operation was just to try and help Pansy out.

The episode then ends with Cosmos getting the news that the library will be shut down.

Episode Thoughts

It’s fairly difficult to squeeze the entire mystery’s introduction and conclusion into a single synopsis! And here I’m trying to get them shorter.

Anyways, Tampopo was exposed because she messed up some details from her story of that baseball game. She planned on going to the opposing team’s school, but failed the entrance exam. It turns out she went to middle school with Pansy, and wanted to help her somehow. Why, we don’t exactly know.

But that made me think – why exactly is Pansy hiding her identity, or more accurately, her beauty? Perhaps something happened in middle school, and that caused her to want to do this. Once Tampopo recognized Pansy at the Flower Dance, she came up with the idea to try and help her. So I’m thinking that something happened in middle school where Pansy was a victim, or perhaps Pansy took the fall for someone… something like this.

The two other interesting moments that happened this episode were Asaka trying to ask Joro out, and the cliffhanger where the library is going to be shut down. We’ll have to see what happens with these two plotlines!

Episode Highlights

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