OreSuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? (Episode 11) – The Hero Arrives

As we saw last episode, the school’s library is in danger of being shut down! Luckily, there is a way to save it – get more people into the library. Simple enough, until an old friend of Pansy gets involved…

I May Not Be Needed

After a little failed attempt by Tampopo to get Pansy and Joro together, by communicating orders to Pansy, Cosmos arrives and gives the news about the library. The crew has a meeting in the library at lunch, and we learn that they just need to increase the amount of library usage by students tenfold.

Joro heads home afterwards, not able to think of a single person he could ask, and runs into Yasuo, the boy who had given him some advice in the past. Yasuo just so happens to have a plan to save the library. And so Joro invites him to come help out the next day.

The next day after school Yasuo arrives with his two friends, two girls we’ve seen before. We learn their nicknames: Yasuo is Hose, and his friends are Cherry and Tsukimi. Together everyone pitches in to renovate the library, make fliers, and things like this. Finally, we learn a bit about Pansy’s past with Hose, and how he’s a little too nice.

Episode Thoughts

Despite Cosmos’ initial tone, the library being closed never felt like much of an issue. The moment she said they had to get more people using the library, it felt like keeping the library alive would be a sure thing.

Which means instead the focus of this episode was on Hose and Pansy. Apparently, because of her looks, Pansy used to be super popular in middle school. Everyone was trying to be with her for their own selfish reasons. Everyone – except Hose, who brought her into his own group of friends. However, Hose is too nice for his own good.

He is the typical oblivious harem protagonist, who ignores the feelings of everyone around him and is only focused on being a good person. And so, while we learn this episode that both Cherry and Tsukimi love Hose, they both accepted that they will never actually be with Hose. Things like this.

Which means that this episode, and it’s criticisms of Hose, is a criticism of the typical clueless “Mr. Nice Guy” protagonist that ends up trampling on the people around him without realizing it. Pretty neat, and with the exaggerated “light” being emitted from Hose, it’s clear that’s what this is.

Overall, a fun episode with a fun little jab there at the clueless protagonist. However, it once again felt like it was lacking the thrill that earlier episodes had.

Episode Highlights

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