OreSuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? (Episode 12) – Final Challenge

We’ve reached the final episode of OreSuki. With Hose, Cherry, and Tsukimi’s help, the school library has been saved. However, things don’t end there – Hose wants Pansy.

The One I Love Is…

While the library has been saved, Hose and friends are still hanging around helping out. Cherry and Tsukimi are gunning for Hose to get together with Pansy, and it’s clear Hose wants this as well. However, Pansy herself seems uncomfortable with Hose’s presence. Joro feels that he is unable to help out, as he is unwilling to step in and commit to Pansy.

Later on we learn that Sun-chan made a move, and asked Pansy to date him if the baseball team makes it to Koushien. She agreed. Pansy tells Joro to stop visiting the library for a while after she delivers the news. After some reflection and advice from friends, Joro returns to the library to confront Hose, who was in the middle of confessing to Pansy. Joro challenges Hose to a psuedo popularity contest, with the loser never talking to Pansy again. He then hands out hairpins to Pansy, Himawari, Cosmos, Asunaro, Cherry, and Tsukimi. On the day of the upcoming baseball game, they will decide who to give their pin to, and whoever gets more pins wins. The tiebreaker, in the event of a tie, will be whoever’s school wins the game as they are facing off against one another.

However, Joro’s plan backfires right away as Cosmos, Himawari, and Asunaro immediately give Hose their pins, as they all like Joro and don’t want him to be with Pansy. The episode then ends, because apparently, the final showdown won’t happen until sometime next year in an OVA episode.

Episode Thoughts

While the ending was something else, leaving us hanging with this big cliffhanger until sometime next year, it didn’t seem all that thrilling to me. I keep repeating myself, but the first several episodes had a real thrilling factor to them, where I had no idea what sort of situation was going to get dumped on Joro next. But then after those episodes, he sort of just became the romcom protagonist and object of affection for all of the girls. It felt like the anime should have been called something like: “Is There Anyone Who Doesn’t Love Me?”.

Anyways, the episode was alright. Felt fairly straightforward, and in the end Joro was forced to make a decision as to whether he wanted to commit and step in, or just leave Pansy alone. He decided to step in, and now his best bet in his challenge is to achieve a tie in terms of pins, as Hose already has three. On top of that, his school needs to win the baseball game. They’re stacking the odds against Joro, but he’s always come out on top with everything else that was dumped on him, so the situation just doesn’t feel that thrilling or exciting.

Anyways, the ending for OreSuki wasn’t much of an ending at all, but technically this is the end of the season!

Episode Highlights

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  1. This series ended up like High School Prodigies, started great, lost its way, and ended with a whimper.

    Seems crazy that we have to wait six months for what may be a single episode. Hopefully, that won’t be the case.

    • I think it is a single episode, OVA. MAL shows it at 30 minutes too, so nothing crazy. This seems like another one of those cases where the anime industry is always so tight with deadlines that the studio literally couldn’t fit in time to work on it until sometime next year.

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