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The final episode of OreSuki, in the form of an OVA, is out. The series had ended on a bit of a cliffhanger, so now we can finally see how the show truly concludes.

Our Game Set

The situation is quickly recapped for us – the rules and whatnot regarding the duel between Joro and Yasuo. In summary, there are six girls, each with a hairclip, and they have to choose who to give their hairclip to. The final point will be determined based on the results of the baseball game between Joro and Yasuo’s schools, and the deadline for everything will be after the game.

Joro proceeds to do his best to hide from the girls and try to convince them individually. Eventually, he is caught and everyone forms up in order to determine the results. Just as it seems that Yasuo wins by default, Joro pulls a fast one as the rules didn’t state that ONLY the six girls could give a hairclip. And so some girls he had helped out during the day show up to give him clips. Yasuo, having anticipated this, also had a large number of girls show up to give him hairclips.

The clincher is when Oga shows up after the game bringing all of the girls from their school with him, allowing Joro to win.

Episode Thoughts

Well, we got exactly one panty shot, one boob grab, and that was it in terms of ecchi. OreSuki sort of fell apart, ecchi-wise, after the first few episodes anyways though. I wasn’t expecting much there.

As for the story, well, it was about as predictable as it gets. Nice episode, nice conclusion, but nothing special, nothing too exciting really. There was some added backstory of Oga and his struggles, and how he met Joro, and all that. Really, the challenge wasn’t the focus of the episode, but rather, Joro and Oga’s friendship. I thought that part was well done.

Anyways, that’s it for OreSuki.
If we ever do get a sequel, or another anime along this vein, let’s hope they give us some more fan service next time around.

Episode Highlights

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