OreSuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? (Episode 2) – Agent of Chaos

OreSuki’s first episode was a real winner, and gave great promise for the series to come. But the question remains – will the anime be able to keep up the pace? If this episode is any indication, the answer is yes!

I’m Attacked By An Impossible Spiral

Just a heads up that I’ll be calling Sun-chan by his actual name, Oga, because it feels weird to use -chan for a guy, even if it is a nickname.

Joro’s story continues as he now has to spend his daily lunchtime with Pansy in the library. Pansy manages to get Joro to explain the whole situation with Himawari and Cosmos, and how he is going to help her. However, she probably knew anyways considering she stalks him…

After school Himawari shows two movie tickets to Joro. Instead of asking Oga herself, she decides to ask Joro to do it for her. And so the next day at school Joro manages to get the two of them setup for a movie date, after a shaky conversation that ends up working out. But he’s not out of the fire yet!

At the student council clubroom Cosmos asks Joro to help her eat lunch with Oga, because she made a big bento box for him. Joro arranges for them to conveniently run into each other in the hallway, and while Cosmos completely freezes up and begins speaking like a samurai, Joro manages to get them to go to lunch together.

Joro then goes to meet with Pansy again. Pansy then poses a new question to Joro – what if Oga doesn’t like Himawari or Cosmos, but someone else? This troubles Joro, so after school he asks Sun-chan who he likes. Because they are such good friends Oga tells him – he likes Pansy! What a triangle we have going on now! He then proceeds to ask Joro to help him get together with Pansy! Joro refuses, saying that he doesn’t know her well. He then uses a baseball reference to tell Oga to not give up and keep at it.

But it’s not over yet!

Friday evening Joro managed to arrange Cosmos walking home together with Oga. And Saturday was Himawari’s movie date with Oga. Well, on Saturday Cosmos calls Joro and they meetup at a cafe. Cosmos is furious, and angry at Joro… because Oga confided in her that he was in love with Pansy and wanted help! Oga also said this was Joro’s suggestion (due to that baseball reference)! Cosmos storms out, done with Joro.

Sunday, Himawari calls Joro and they meet at his house. She too is furious, because Oga ALSO confided in her about Pansy! Once again, Oga said that this was Joro’s idea! And Himawari is also done with Joro!

But wait, there’s more!!

Pansy asks Joro to meet her in the library on the Monday afterwards. He arrives, angry / depressed about everything that had happened. Pansy shoots him a dark smile. And just when things couldn’t get worse… Oga, Himawari, and Cosmos all walk in!

Episode Thoughts

Man, what a cliffhanger! And what an episode! I couldn’t believe it, I had no idea that OreSuki would drop so many bombs in one episode. Amazing. I can’t remember the last time I was so shocked by what I’d just watched. They kept piling it on too, no breaks on this train.

Normally I can get a good grip on an anime, and have a general idea of the direction things will head in. It was certainly that way with HenSuki. But this… this episode completely threw me off, it felt like everything came out of nowhere! Incredible. I’ve got to gather my thoughts after this one, and I have some theories now.

Here’s the thing. Pansy acts like she’s a close friend of Joro, because she loves him (allegedly). But she also is selfish and doesn’t care about others. So basically what I believe happened was she collected information on Joro’s situation, and decided that the best course of action (for herself) would be to ruin Joro’s friendships with Oga, Himawari, and Cosmos. If she can “break” Joro, then she can have him all to herself.

And this is why I believe she acted as an agent of chaos, by inviting them all to the library after what had happened over the weekend. One question I do wonder is… did she count on Oga spilling the beans about his love for her to Himawari and Cosmos? Or was that just a coincidence, because Oga misinterpreted what Joro had told him in regards to that baseball reference?

Either way, it looks like the ball is in Pansy’s court, and she’s running the show at the moment. That sly fox. If I’m correct about her motivations, then this is going to be a very interesting ride with Pansy trying to sabotage Joro’s friendships while he tries to protect himself. Perhaps her true motivation though is just to unleash Joro’s “Mr. Hyde” on the world, by driving him to the edge. She did say she prefers that side of him.

We’ll just have to see where OreSuki goes next. This episode was a blast, and I can’t wait for more. What a crazy episode this was.

Episode Highlights

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  1. I love that the bench has the Imperial March as it’s backing track. This series is hilarious and I can’t wait to see where we end up.

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