OreSuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? (Episode 3) – Friendship Trials

Things really heated up last week in OreSuki! With Joro’s high school reputation on the line, things couldn’t possibly get any worse! What direction will the series head in next?

I Was Meeting You

The episode begins where we last left off – Joro caught with Pansy in the library by Oga, Himawari, and Cosmos. After their initial shock, the three turn hostile to Joro. In their eyes, not only did Joro deceive them, but he’s also deceived Oga by making moves on Pansy instead of helping Oga. The tension in the room is high.

After Cosmos and Himawari lash out at Joro, he snaps. Joro goes on a rant. Everyone ends up getting angry with Joro, and Pansy seems to take Oga’s side. The next day, Joro’s reputation is gone. Someone else was in the library during the tirade, and rumours spread like wildfire about Joro’s betrayal of his friends.

However, after a few days, Pansy invites Joro to the library. She then asks him to get a book for her, which forces Joro to walk to the back of the library. Oga then enters and sits down by Pansy to talk. With Joro listening in the back, Pansy begins to turn up the heat.

We learn that Oga purposely misinterpreted Joro’s refusal to help him get close to Pansy, and used that to get back at Joro through Cosmos and Himawari. Then we learn that Oga had liked a girl in middle school who ended up going for Joro. Pansy tells Oga she loves Joro, and Oga then threatens to take advantage of her. Joro steps out and confronts Oga.

Afterwards, Oga clears up the misunderstanding with Cosmos and Himawari. He then apologizes in front of their class in order to end the rumours going around. Joro goes to the library again at lunch, and Pansy reveals her true form to him – that she’s actually a big breasted beauty that he had met in the past.

Episode Thoughts

It seems I was wrong about Pansy being an agent of chaos… for now at least. It turns out that Oga was actually behind the drama surrounding Joro. And here I figured Pansy had a vested interest in ruining Joro’s reputation and friendships. Although I still think she does.

With everything seemingly cleared up, the biggest development is that Cosmos and Himawari both know that Oga likes Pansy. So what does this mean for them and their quests to win Oga over? Is Joro off the hook for that now?

Plus, there’s something interesting that happened in this episode. As always, I suspect Pansy above everyone. When everyone was getting angry at Joro in the library, Pansy came out from behind the desk and tells Cosmos and Himawari about something Joro said in episode 1 – “Whoever Oga rejects is mine.”.

But he said that in his bedroom. Which means that while we knew Pansy was a stalker, this confirms that she truly is a stalker. She must be recording Joro in his own room. So while she appears like an angel at the end of this episode, I still think that she’s a total schemer, and I don’t trust her one bit.

Stalkers are usually yandere, aren’t they?

Episode Highlights

Library Confrontation


Oga Spills the Beans

Joro’s Flashback

Pansy’s True Form

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  1. I loved this one and want to know just how many other people Pansy has stashed away in her library? She’s far from done with this game I think.

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