OreSuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? (Episode 4) – Problems Solved?

Joro found himself in quite a pinch last episode, but managed to make it through with the help of Pansy. That said, his friendships are still in tatters. What will happen next in this surprisingly thrilling romcom?

The Results of My Hard Work

Joro once again visits Pansy in the library at lunch. While he says it’s because she told him to, she eventually presses him to admit that it’s because he wants to avoid Oga, Himawari, and Cosmos. While Oga ended up taking the blame in the end, Joro’s still not made up with any of them.

Joro heads back to class and runs into Asunaro, ace reporter for the school newspaper. She asks him some questions about the upcoming flower festival, specifically about the flower dance, which is where one male student dances with three females.

Joro then confronts Himawari. She runs away, but then they make up on the stairs. After that, they lure Oga to the rooftop and then “convince” him to go back to the way things were with them. Finally, Joro is about to head to the library for a group study session with Himawari, Oga, and Pansy when he runs into Cosmos on the stairs. Cosmos had been trailing him, and knew that he made up with everyone but her. And so Joro makes up with Cosmos as well.

Everyone then heads to the library for a study session. Joro then walks home after with everyone. This is where we learn that he has a new lofty goal – a harem consisting of Pansy, Himawari, and Cosmos!

The episode ends with a sneak peak at the next school newspaper release – “King of scumbags – Amatsuyu Kisaragi (Joro), putting the moves on three women“.

Episode Thoughts

This was a surprisingly mellow episode considering what we’ve been through so far! I think it’s fair that OreSuki gives us a breather though. Overall, the episode was essentially Joro patching things up with everyone. Pansy even made up with Oga in the library, so you’d think that it’s safe to say things are even better than they were before!

But this is OreSuki. I’m going to lean on the anime’s title for this one and assume that Pansy is the only one who loves Joro… And now we have to wait and see what sort of damage that newspaper headline does! What a scoop indeed. I have a feeling there will be some embellishments in there… or even better… some true dark secrets of Joro, courtesy of Pansy.

I wouldn’t put it past Pansy to do something like that – leaking info to Asunaro. Remember, she knew what Joro once said in his own bedroom. It’s safe to say she has a lot of dirt on Joro, anything from audio / video recordings to stories of his past. She puts on such a nice front, but I’m not buying it. Pansy is a stalker, and I still think she has motivations to distance Joro from Cosmos and Himawari, considering she knows that Joro likes them and she probably wants him all to herself.

We’ll just have to wait to see!
We’re still only 4 episodes in, meaning that we are probably still in for a wild ride with OreSuki!

Episode Highlights

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