OreSuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? (Episode 5) – Newsflash

Just when our protagonist Joro thinks things have settled down, life seems to throw him another curveball! Expect the unexpected seems to be the lesson of OreSuki so far!

I Thought It Was Working Out Well Too Well For Me

Life has gone back to normal for Joro, or perhaps even better than normal now that he is even closer with Himawari, Cosmos, and Pansy. What more could a regular high school boy ask for?

But things aren’t quite that simple for Joro. During class, Asunaro, the school’s ace reporter, asks to meet Joro in private. Naturally, Joro gets flustered. But when they reach the roof, waiting for Joro is… another bench! Where are the girls all finding these benches?

And that’s where Asunaro confesses… that she thinks Joro is a complete scumbag who is going out with three girls at once. She even shows him pictures that she has of him with the girls, as evidence. Asunaro tells Joro that she is going to publish an article about him. But Joro’s refusals over her claims cause her to second guess herself, and she decides to wait until after the upcoming Flower Dance. Until then, Joro has to prove his innocence to her.

Afterwards, Cosmos tells Joro that he has been selected as the boy for the Flower Dance (dance where a boy dances with three girls, one from each grade), and that she, Himawari, and a first-year girl who they had to talk to would be dancing with him. They meet with the first-year girl, and she refuses. In her place, somehow, Oga ends up being chosen, even though he is not a girl.

Himawari, Cosmos, Joro, Oga, begin practicing dancing after school, with Pansy’s help. But then the newspaper article Asunaro had written ends up being leaked to the school, and Joro’s reputation is once again in jeopardy. While they all know the truth, everyone decides to distance themselves from Joro for a while.

The only one left standing with Joro ends up being Asunaro, who never intended for the article to be leaked and feels regretful about it.

Episode Thoughts

I really tried to cut back on the synopsis but so much happened this episode! Asunaro went from being a threat to helping him practice dancing. I get the feeling that she will end up being in the Flower Dance instead of Oga, honestly. Which is cool, because I really like Asunaro.

Once again we had those ups and downs this episode. The newspaper article being leaked didn’t seem as bad as the last time Joro’s reputation was in tatters, but apparently everyone else felt like it was, wanting to stay away from him for a bit. While Joro just can’t seem to catch a break, he really is still getting some pretty lucky breaks when it comes to all of the girls that are associating with him. He did get selected for the Flower Dance, for example.

This episode also had some pretty good ecchi moments! OreSuki has managed to deliver on that front, here and there. After the panty shot on the first episode, I knew that they’d give us a little bit here and there. OreSuki is turning out to be the full package!

There was also a nice little reference to Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor, when Joro first noticed the bench on the rooftop. His face was drawn in a more Kaiji-esque art style, and we heard a clear “Zawa” in the background. I thought that was pretty cool.

Episode Highlights

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