OreSuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? (Episode 6) – Flower Dance

The roller coaster of events that is OreSuki continues with the fast approaching Flower Dance. Who knows what sort of twist we’ll encounter this time?

When I Need To Say Something, I’ll Say It

It’s been a week since the newspaper article slandering Joro as a womanizer was somehow leaked. Everyone has kept their distance from Joro.. except Asunaro. And just like that, it’s the first day of the Flower Festival (the dance is on the second day).

Oga calls Joro to let him know that he won’t be able to take part in the flower dance, as the PTA has found out that two boys will be dancing and raised a fuss, as the tradition is 3 girls and 1 boy. Joro asks Asunaro to take his place, and she accepts. Cosmos arrives and they all go to the student council office. Once there, Cosmos rejects Asunaro’s application to take part in the flower dance.

We then get a long exposition of the sleuthing that Cosmos has been doing since the article was leaked. Long story short – Asunaro leaked it herself in order to get closer to Joro. She then raised the issue of 2 boys partaking in the Flower Dance to the PTA in order to get Oga out of the picture and insert herself. The reason? Turns out Asunaro is in love with Joro!

After all is said and done, Joro rejects Asunaro’s confession. He then puts on his tough persona and puts her down, trying to drive her away from him. Cosmos then suggests another person partake in the dance…

The next day, the Flower Dance goes without a hitch. Joro dances with Himawari, then Cosmos, and then Pansy. And believe it or not, the episode ends on a nice note, no drama or cliffhangers!

Episode Thoughts

While overall the episode was fine, I wasn’t as enthralled by it as previous episodes. I think too much time was spent exposing Anusaro, and it lacked impact. I just wasn’t all that surprised, and also because the leaked article was technically a lie, I didn’t really care about that fact that it was released. It didn’t seem like that big of a deal.

Because so much time was spent on the solution to the “mystery”, it didn’t feel like much else happened. Basically the episode was Anusaro being exposed, and then the dance.

I’ll be honest though, I was a little surprised to find out that Anusaro was in love with Joro, because the title of the anime sort of implies that only one person loves him. I guess the title is a lie!

That fateful baseball game was brought up again too, as that’s where Anusaro fell in love with Joro. Seems like this joke is overstaying it’s welcome. That’s what I think at least, because I didn’t think it was that funny seeing it brought up once again.

Episode Highlights

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