OreSuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? (Episode 7) – The Pool Episode

If there were any doubts remaining over whether OreSuki is an ecchi anime, allow this episode to dispel them! It’s time for the classic fan service swimsuit episode, featuring a trip to the pool!

I Discover An Unexpected Side

Monday after the Flower Festival is a day off for students, as the festival took place over the entire weekend. Joro heads to the kitchen where he is greeted by his mother and.. Pansy? Turns out Pansy is friends with Joro’s mom, who is even given the nickname Laurier by Pansy, after running into her a few times while stalking Joro.

Despite this odd occurrence, they all eat breakfast together and then Joro heads off to the pool with Pansy, Himawari, Cosmos, and Oga / Sun-chan. We are treated to plenty of great angles of the girls in their swimsuits.

At one point, Joro goes to get drinks for everyone and he runs into the popular girl who was targeting him at school – only he doesn’t recognize her for some reason. She ends up talking to him about how she knows this guy who she wanted to make amends to, and Joro suggests that she simply apologizes. He also mentions that he prefers natural black hair, as she asks him about dyed hair for some reason.

After that, the three girls all want to spend time with Joro (what happened to their crush on Sun-chan?). They decide to compete to see who Joro has the most fun with, and the winner will get to make one request of Joro. Joro spends time with them in different ways, and for all three Sun-chan ends up being there to save Joro from embarrassment or to cheer him up in the case of Pansy.

They all leave the pool after a fun day, and Joro decides Sun-chan was the one who he had the most fun with, for being there for him. They walk off in the sunset.

The next day, Joro is apologized to by all the popular girls in class. He then gets an apology from a certain girl with natural black hair, the one he spoke to at the pool.

Episode Thoughts

Not only was this a very entertaining episode, but it also had the perfect amount of fan service. Seriously, some of the angles we were treated to couldn’t have been any better. I used to roll my eyes at what I would call “obligatory beach episodes”, or pool in this case, but I’m really coming to appreciate the art behind it. This was an excellent swimsuit fan service episode that managed to give us some good laughs, some advancement of the story, and fan service.

All around, a perfect episode I think. The only thing missing is that tension we experienced in previous episodes, with all of the crazy cliffhangers and developments. Even then, the episode ends on a note that leaves us wondering about that popular girl who seems to have taken a liking to Joro.

Speaking of which, what’s the deal with Himawari and Cosmos? When did they switch from liking Oga to liking Joro? It feels like I missed something here, but I don’t think I have…

We also got another hint at Pansy being a stalker. Several, actually, as she also brought up some of his personal secrets when they were in a hot tub together at the pool. I still don’t trust Pansy, there has to be some dark side to her! One final note – Joro’s mom’s voice is way too high pitched! She sounds like a high schooler, but definitely doesn’t look like one. Felt like a bit of a mismatch.

Anyways, there are plenty of highlights this time around, so let’s get right to them!

Episode Highlights

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