OreSuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? (Episode 8) – Transfer Student

The dust has settled, and we’ve been treated to a swimsuit / pool episode. Seems like the perfect time to introduce some more drama into Joro’s life, right?

Before I Knew It, My Tragedy Had Already Begun

A new student has transferred into Joro’s class, and she just happens to be someone who was also present on that fateful day at a baseball game one year ago… she was the one working at the fried skewers stand where Joro purchased skewers for Oga after his loss. Her name is Chiharu Yoki, nicknamed Tsubaki.

Grateful for being an inspiration and his purchases back then, Tsubaki pledges to serve Joro. She begins to hang around Joro and joins the crew for lunch. Later that day Pansy gives Joro a book to read, so that they have something to talk about. It’s a precious book.

That night, Joro heads out to buy something at the store. On his way out, Himawari pounces on him. When he gets home, he realizes that the precious book must have fallen out of his bag! He runs back, and a couple of girls volunteer to help him find the book. They find it and bring it to him, but it’s been damaged.

Joro vows to buy a new one, and Tsubaki asks him at lunch if he’d like to work at her family’s fried skewer shop. He accepts, and tells Pansy about the book afterwards. She tells him she doesn’t need a replacement, but he insists. The episode ends with Joro’s first start at a new part-time job.

Episode Thoughts

There was quite a bit to unpack here.

First, the episode title eludes that this book / part-time job business is the beginning of a tragedy for Joro. The question is, what sort of tragedy will befall him?

I see trouble possibly stemming from Tsubaki or Pansy. I don’t think I’ll ever fully trust Pansy, given that she is a stalker who seems to always have some sort of hidden agenda. Perhaps Pansy will get mad at Joro working a part-time job, because it means he won’t be spending time with her in the library after school. After all, she asked him to ditch the job, forget about the book, and just come to the library after school.

But he insisted to work that job, and replace the book.

Then there’s Tsubaki. Joro suspected her at first, but quickly caved to her kindness and began seeing her as an angel. The end of the episode signals that this may not be the case, with Tsubaki saying to herself: “I suppose this is where the true payback begins…”. Does she mean payback as in returning the favour to Joro from when he purchased all of her skewers one year ago? Or perhaps she has some other reason to want to give Joro payback? My personal theory is that maybe she has something against Pansy, and Joro is just a means to an end for her…

It’s all very interesting. This episode sort of felt like the calm before the storm.

Some more minor things to consider: that popular girl, Asaka, who clearly has a crush on Joro had a brief appearance at the beginning of the episode when Tsubaki was introduced, but nothing more. What’s going to be her deal? Also, those two girls who helped Joro find the book. Who are they, and was it a coincidence that they were there? They didn’t exactly look like your average background characters…

As usual, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens here!

Episode Highlights

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