OreSuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? (Episode 9) – Background Protagonist

Joro has begun his new part-time job in order to pay for Pansy’s book. What will come of this development? Anything?

My Conclusion After Much Consideration

Joro begins working for Tsubaki’s family restaurant, and seems to be enjoying it for the most part. Since he started working Pansy has been upset with him and less talkative in the library at lunch. Asaka and her friends pop by the restaurant, making it even more clear that Asaka is very interested in Joro.

Then one day Joro accidentally spills beer on a customer, and gets an earful. He leaves work upset at himself, calling himself a background character who has nothing special going for him while all of his friends around him have talents or purpose. He encounters Pansy on his way home, and gets angry at her.

Joro also is consoled by another student named Yasuo Hazuki at one point, not sure if it’ll be important or not in the future.

When Joro receives his first paycheck he goes to purchase the book, only to find out that someone else had bought it. Himawari runs into him outside and gives him the book. Joro gets angry that his attempt to fix a problem on his own was thwarted, and that Himawari skipped tennis practice and used her own savings to buy the book. But then Joro calms down and becomes happy and supportive of Himawari.

Himawari ends up winning her tennis tournament and everyone goes to Tsubaki’s restaurant to celebrate. Tsubaki gives Joro some advice and he realizes that there are still things he can do.

Episode Thoughts

What a shock! Nothing really happened this episode. OreSuki started out so strong, and then it’s just slowed down into regular slice of life with a little drama since. Is OreSuki done with the twists now?

The episode was basically just Joro working, and getting confidence in himself. And here I’ve been thinking up all these potential twists that revolve around Tsubaki, or Pansy, or the book… I wonder if the rest of the anime is just going to be happy-go-lucky content like this one was. And we didn’t even get any real fan service to help pass the time!

I don’t really have anything to speculate about here, I have no clue what’s going to happen next, and whether it’ll be interesting or just status quo stuff like this episode. We’ll see. This whole episode just sort of blended together in my head, not a very enjoyable episode this time around.

Episode Highlights

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