OreSuki: Are You The Only One Who Loves Me? (Season One)

While the series ended on a major cliffhanger, episode 12 still marked the end of the season for OreSuki. Which means it’s now time to take a look at this very interesting romcom that managed to bring some originality to the space!

OreSuki Joro


OreSuki is a romantic comedy anime that follows high school boy Amatsuyu “Joro” Kisaragi as he ends up in some quite precarious and dramatic situations involving the girls around him. While Joro puts up a friendly front, inside he is much more self-centered and aggressive. And the only one who knows about this side of Joro, and loves him for it, is Sumireko “Pansy” Sanshoukuin – his stalker.

OreSuki Pansy Hallway

The Originality

The first several episodes of OreSuki are very well done. Not only do they pull you right into the show and leave you excited as to what will happen next, but they introduce a fairly original twist to the standard harem / romcom. Initially, Joro appears to be the typical harem protagonist. He’s nice, friendly, and he has several girls that hover around him.

However, this quickly ends and Joro is thrown into the doghouse, with cutting his ties to everyone except for one person: Pansy. Naturally, this is where the anime gets it’s name from. In a situation where Joro is on his own, only Pansy is there to back him up. The catch is, she is his stalker, and may have ulterior motives when it comes to “helping” him fix his reputation.

This is the scenario that OreSuki first presents to us, and it’s really exciting to follow. We’re presented with what appears to be a serious uphill battle for Joro. It’s almost like an anti-harem, where the protagonist doesn’t get all of the girls but is instead stuck with one girl, and she’s dubious at best. I found this situation very original, and I have to commend OreSuki for coming up with it.

OreSuki Hug Disappointment

Fall From Grace

Unfortunately though, OreSuki doesn’t keep up with this original premise, it’s namesake. After several thrilling introductory episodes, things settle down. And then, OreSuki becomes a standard harem anime. The girls that didn’t like Joro before? Well, they like him now. Not only that, but there are other girls that like him now too! Joro quickly goes from the doghouse to the penthouse, and it kills any sense of originality that the series had going for it initially.

To me, this was a serious fall from grace. A complete abandonment of the very themes that made OreSuki so riveting in the beginning. And while the quality was still there, and there were still enjoyable moments, I feel that the anime never really recovered from that potential it had in the beginning.

When an anime starts out very strong, and then ends on a weaker note, it leaves me with the impression that the anime simply couldn’t maintain it’s own potential.

OreSuki Girls

A Solid Harem / Romcom

While I will criticize OreSuki for what I would consider taking the easy way out, and moving from originality to just another harem / romcom anime, it was still enjoyable overall. The art, characters, jokes, and setting were all great. In fact, if this had just been standard all the way through I probably would have still said it was an enjoyable anime. It’s just that unrealized potential that leaves a sour taste in my mouth, that premise that was just so damn good but was tossed aside.

The anime does take some steps to come back in the end, with the introduction of a real “wrench in the works” character, but it felt too little too late. Plus, OreSuki never gives us a proper ending, instead opting to end on a large cliffhanger and leave us hanging until sometime in 2020 when an OVA episode will be released to (hopefully) give us that ending we don’t yet have.

Season Highlights

OreSuki had a very pastel / warm colour palette that I really enjoyed. Each of the girls is given a colour of their own that is associated with them, which I know is not all that uncommon but it felt real good here. Plus, when we did get ecchi, it was pretty good!

First, the girls…

And next, some ecchi…

OreSuki Dream Harem


Story / Characters Rating – Good

OreSuki started out very strong in the story and premise department, but unfortunately it didn’t maintain this for long before sinking back to a fairly standard harem / romcom anime. I have to give it some points for originality in the beginning, but the fact that OreSuki abandoned it’s own namesake and went from “Are You The Only One That Loves Me?” to “Is There Anyone That Doesn’t Love Me?” has left me a disappointed. Still a solid anime though, so it’ll get a good rating here.

Ecchi Rating – Good

While OreSuki is not an ecchi anime through and through, it doesn’t hesitate to give us fan service from time to time. Things like the occasional panty shot, a dedicated swimsuit episode, daydreams of the girls in little to no clothing… OreSuki delivers just a small dose of ecchi that is pretty effective. For an anime to weave ecchi in as well as OreSuki did, I’d give it another good rating here.

OreSuki Tampopo

Wrapping Up…

If you are interested in watching a harem / romantic comedy anime with a slight twist in the beginning, OreSuki is the anime for you. Regardless, it really is a solid anime. Just don’t let the first several episodes get you too excited, or else you may end the series disappointed as I did!

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