Plunderer (Episode 1) – The Legendary Ace

Plunderer Title

Hina’s mother’s dying wish was for her to find the Legendary Ace and bring an end to the world controlled by numbers. After searching and searching, it would appear that Hina has finally found him… or has she?

The Legendary Ace

Hina arrived in a town having spent the last years walking the country in search of the Legendary Ace. A rumour led her to this town and now that she’s here, she can soak her feet and find something to eat. However, a poor pervert accosts her and asks for money and more. Finally, after running him for a while, she is saved by Nana, a local restauranteur who knows the beggar and is more than happy to put him in his place.

Even with Hina’s travelling, which we learn has been more the four-hundred and forty thousand kilometres, she doesn’t seem to know too much about how the world works. Luckily, Nana is on hand to explain. Everyone has a number on their body which can go up and down. Everyone’s counter is different. For example, Nana’s count goes up if someone compliments her cooking and Hina’s goes up for every thousand kilometres she’s walked. The numbers also work as a hierarchy as you cannot refuse to do something for someone with a higher number than you.

Episode Thoughts

As far as first episodes go, this wasn’t that good. It has some nice ideas and some good looking girls with numbers in prime ecchi positions, but otherwise, it really fell flat. There were some really stupid moments like the soldier having just taken all of Hina’s numbers no instantly thinking that something was up when Licht arrived with -999 on his hand. He was just talking about how Hina would be dragged to the abyss if she dropped to zero, but the guy with -999 doesn’t raise any flags… I found Licht to be fairly annoying. There’s plenty of time for things to turn around, but it wasn’t the start I was hoping for.

Ecchi Highlights

After a Long Walk!

Plunderer Episode 1 Hina Soaking her Feet

Nana to the Rescue!

Stolen Numbers!

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  1. I can’t believe this series has been aired a year ago and unfortunately, I’m still unable to forget this stupid series. I should’ve known that the disgusting sexual harassment/groping being used as comedic timing/humor isn’t in line with women’s empowerment of this era and that should’ve been my main reason to drop this series.

    Yet I strived on thinking it’ll get better…but…

    I mean is this really the same author of Heaven’s Lost Property?! I don’t remember HLP being offensive & insulting to how female characters are being written! In fact, I love HLP’s 1st episode as opposed to Plunderer’s awful premiere episode.

    • Yeah. I’ve decided to try to forget all about it. There were no redeeming moments and had I not been reviewing it, I would have definitely given up after three episodes.

      And yeah, I love HLP too, it’s a comedic masterpiece with some of the most insane things imaginable but the characters remain consistent and you quickly begin to understand how it works.

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