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Licht does some yelling and multiplies his count by ten, but that also makes him evil and changes his personality. Then, he has one question for you. Are you my enemy? I have a question too. What even is this show?


So, Sonohara wants to die and challenges Licht to a stars stake. Ironically, Hina knows what that is even though she has no ideas what a count is, or a ballot, or how any of this works… The fight begins, but Licht with his tiny count can’t get close to Sonohara. I guess it’s time to yell and power up then. While that happens, Nana finally reveals some more information about Licht. It’s not like any of this would have been useful at any time prior to now.

Evil Licht manages to knock Sonohara down and her personality changes. She’s now scared of everything. Miraculously, Jail is somehow alive and dives in front of the girl that shot him and all the villagers to save her from evil Licht. She then jumps on top of him to save him. Finally, Licht decides that everyone is his enemy and tries to kill Jail and Sonohara. Only Jail has been hiding his count all this time…

He puts on another glove with a massive count and creates some sort of iron monster to fight evil Licht who has revealed that he wants to kill everyone so that his friends don’t have to. Also, we get a flashback of Sonohara and Licht in high school. More Isekai clues. It ends with Licht back to normal and Jail somehow not dead despite being shot through the chest last episode by someone that never misses…

Episode Thoughts

All right. First things first. This series is stupid and I hate it. The storytelling is atrocious and makes no sense. We now have characters just increasing their counts to whatever they feel like or add extra counts whenever they want. We also have Sonohara who just killed loads of villagers, but that wasn’t her, so we can all hug and celebrate that Licht is back to normal. I feel like there is a good story buried beneath all this garbage, but I’m not interested in this one at all. I’d sooner extract the idea I think it’s going for and making something else up myself.

Here’s how I see it. Licht and his friends, the legendary aces, were Isekaied from Earth to this world, where they won a brutal and bloody war, but they weren’t necessarily on the side of good, but they didn’t know that, because they were manipulated by an evil monocle-wearing German. Now, they have no way to get home and are basically immortal unless they lose a star stake fight. The counts were an interesting idea, but they mean nothing now that anyone can change them whenever they feel like it.

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  1. A serious episode that turns out to be a flippant episode despite telling myself that the only good thing about this episode is Jail scoffing at Licht’s wishy-washy evil alter ego.

    Of course Jail could’ve “woke up” to stop Sonohara from shooting bullets through the villagers, but at end of day, it’s Licht & Nana’s fault because back in episode 8, they didn’t tell Jail that the Demon is an attack helicopter. Even if Jail doesn’t believe high-tech stuff, they could’ve at least tell him to evacuate innocent civilians & assure him they’ll tell the reason after he’s done evacuating the civilians.

    I get that this is a shounen series, but I’ve seen better shounen series whose plot points/important elements are arranged & executed properly. Plunderer is the unfortunate opposite where events kept happening purely for the sake of happening rather than for natural plot progression.

    What’s worst is that there was no mention of the Big Baddie from Nana in previous episodes. After all, Big Baddies are important characters so him just appearing in a literally dark flashback & his name being mentioned once made me think like he suddenly appeared out of nowhere. If Nana mentioned “Licht once had a teacher he cared for” in a previous episode, then I could’ve understand why Licht is being so secretive though I still hate his creepy perverted behaviour.

    If the scriptwriting couldn’t save this series from being ridiculed, then at least make sure the animation quality of action scenes is at top-tier level. Unfortunately, the fight scene was animated horrendously. Blame it on the production committee. I’m certain they pressured the “few years old” anime studio to catch up with a very tight schedule & ridiculous deadline back then.

    • It’s almost as if the author hadn’t thought through the entire story and was just writing by the seat of his pants. The lack of good foreshadowing and believable actions and responses from the characters seems to point to that.

      By now, I’m pretty sure the entire count system was made irrelevant. Should have been that way from the start. I don’t think it did anything to drive the story.

      The most annoy thing is that there are a lot of interesting concepts in the series, but none of it was handled in a way that worked.

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