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Plunderer Title

Licht is recovering from the fight with the Helicopter, Althing, Sonohara, and finally Jail. Somehow, Althing has decided to appear and molest Lynn, Sonohara, and Nana, but Hina has no boobs, so it’s not interested in her!

Up My Sleeve

Much to Licht’s delight, Althing is busy molesting all of the girls with boobs. Poor Hina even starts to feel left out an puts a couple of apples up her shirt… Meanwhile, Jail is summoned to see Supreme Commander Bono who is also his adopted father. They talk about the guys in black suits with their handguns and a bunch of other things that no one really cares about. Then, Bono tells Jail that he knows that they thought Althing and that he’s hiding Licht….

Jail returns to the hideout to find Althing still busily groping the girls and threatens to arrest Licht, but Nana slaps some sense into him and then reveals that she is also a Legendary Ace and transports Jail, Lynn, Pele, and Hina to what looks like an old school building in a run-down area of Earth. They then see a young Sonohara and Licht heading into school!

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Episode Thoughts

I absolutely hate this series. It’s not funny, it’s not clever, and it’s really badly written with terrible pacing and awful characters. The thing that I hate the most is that it’s such a missed opportunity. It feels like this could be an incredible story if it played it straight and didn’t try too hard. There could have still been a good amount of ecchi content without this forced crap that we’re seeing. This episode is possibly the worst I’ve seen yet and now that we’re heading into a school arc, I have really lost hope that anything good is going to come from it. I can’t believe there are another thirteen episodes left.

Ecchi Highlights

Grope, grope, grope!

Supreme Commander Bono!

Is Everyone an Ace?

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