Plunderer (Episode 12) – Entrance Ceremony

Plunderer Title

Having been sent three-hundred years into the past, Jail, Lynn, Pele, and Hina find themselves enrolled in a soldier training academy run by Schmelman Bach of all people. Licht is there too, but he’s much younger and smaller.

Entrance Ceremony

Nana sent them back into the past to see what really happened and hoped that they could change it, but, of course, failed to tell them what needed to be changed. So, the group is just wandering around and accidentally enrolling in a soldier training academy, while in their military uniforms, but no one thinks to question this. Anyhow, the principal of the school shows up and it’s Schmelman Bach, the monocle-wearing villain and he decides to read the new recruits a story.

When a bunch of them start laughing, Alexandrov, the trainer shots them in the face and causes a panic. He then threatens to shoot Hina for crying, but Rihito attacks Schmelman and then offers his life, refusing to kill anyone. It looks like Schmelman is about to kill Rihito when the other trainer steps in and calms the situation. Later, Pele uncovers some information about where they are and they discover that Althing came from outer space and was able to abolish war, but that was before…

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Episode Thoughts

So, after a week off, I find myself coming back to Plunderer and hoping for something to change, and change I got! Now it’s a school series… yeah! Seriously, there are so many holes in this series that it’s almost laughable. Like, for example, how did Jail not recognise his adopted father? That’s right. The trainer that shot the new recruits was his dad. You might remember him as Bono from the last episode. So, yeah, he’s also three hundred plus years old. We learnt that Althing came to Earth and somehow resolved all of the conflict, but then something else happened, but we’re not going to talk about that right now. I still feel like there is an interesting story buried somewhere, but it’s got no chance of shining beneath all this clunky dramatic music and forced drama. At least I’ve reached the half-way point!

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