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Plunderer Title

Jail, Lynn, Pele, Hina, and all the over prominent characters we met in the last episode find themselves in class 1-A and are being taught by Schmelman. They have to earn and keep stars in order to stay in school!

Full Stomach

So, everyone in Class 1-A is given two stars. Everyone, except for Rihito. There is a way to gain more stars or you can take them from another student in a star stake fight. Anyone who has no stars in five days will be kicked out of the school. Rihito isn’t the least bit bothered as he doesn’t want to be a soldier and is only there for Tokikaze as he’s trying to get him to come home.

After some vague exposition, the girls decide to take a bath and Rihito decides to spy on them, further reducing his chances of getting the star he needs to stay on. Then, Douan takes a bunch of stars from everyone including Tokikaze. Those that still have stars redistribute them and ensure that all will be able to stay, all but Rihito and Tokikaze.

Rihito begs Douan to give the stars back, but he’s not interested. He’s about to graduate with twelve stars, but Jail is waiting for him the second he steps foot outside of the school and this time he’s taking things seriously… Anyhow, it turns out that Rihito switched some of Douan’s stars and he and Tokikaze can stay. Schmelman then gives Jail the two stars he was saving for Rihito.

Episode Thoughts

Well, we’ve now had the peeping in the bathroom scene. I guess there’s no reason to continue watching. Most of this episode seemed to concern itself with Lynn’s skirt and the bathroom. Other than that, it was pretty boring. Obviously, Rihito wasn’t going to get kicked out and how many times have we seen characters in this show say that they are finally going to take things seriously? I’m finding it really hard to care about anything in this series, but if I’m going to keep watching, I’m going to throw out another prediction. Tokikaze is Jail’s real dad… Other than that, everyone is Legendary Ace with the exception of Lynn and Hina. I can’t wait for this series to be over.

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  1. Plunderer is very lame when you look at the fanservice and the ecchi moments. I mean Lich get his pantie looks all the time and the characters speak often about the panties …. but we get no pantie shots in the whole series. Thats very disappointing.

    • Absolutely. It’s not like we want to watch someone else watch all the ecchi and not see any ourselves. Plus I feel like they’ve taken away the harmless fun of it by replacing accidental moments with Licht literally pulling the girls knees apart.

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