Plunderer (Episode 14) – 7 Minutes 12 Seconds

Plunderer Title

There’s a peeper in the soldier school and unless the class can catch him, they’ll all be punished!?!? Anyhow, it’s obviously Rihito, but they come up with an elaborate plan to catch him!

7 Minutes 12 Seconds

To catch the peeper, they switch the signs on the men’s and women’s bathrooms. Rihito desperate to peep decides to enter from the front and just walk in as if he belongs there. He even has a Tomoki-esque fantasy about it. Anyhow, when he walks into what he thinks is the women’s bathroom, he’s met by four angry girls who beat him and tie him up.

Meanwhile, Jail, who is going for a bath, enters what he thinks is the men’s bathroom. He undresses, walks through the room, and climbs into the bath, all without looking away from his book about fighting. It’s only when he sees Lynn standing before him, completely naked that he reacts, calling her fat. He then leaves and passes out from a nosebleed the second he’s out the door.

Due to a technicality, Grigorovich catches Rihito and the whole class is punished. However, things get awkward when Rihito continues to be a pervert, but then realises that everyone else there needs to become a soldier to support their family and he’s being a big jerk about it. Then, when he questions if they realise they will have to kill, Schmelman appears and offers them the chance to become an army that doesn’t kill…

But wait, there’s more. Jail follows Schmelman into a secret underground lab and sees that they are experimenting on rats and they have an artificial ballot. A young Nana saves Jail and tells him everything except what they are supposed to change in the past… Then, as Jail tries to escape he’s caught by Grigorovich (his adopted father from three-hundred years in the future.)

Episode Thoughts

Yet another bathroom scene! Who would have thought it? Sure, there were some nice moments, but it didn’t save this episode. Rihito continues to be an annoying jerk and they’ve even started to draw him as if he was Tomoki from Heaven’s Lost Property, and he is no Tomoki and this is not Heaven’s Lost Property. The part with Jail entering the women’s bathroom accidentally was funny and probably the most ecchi moment in the series so far, but then he called Lynn fat. Seriously!

Of course, the rest of the episode was all exposition as we are told about the ballots and the experiments by Schmelman and then a little bit more by young Nana. We’re told that the world sucks and that global war is about to break out, but we have yet to see any of it. Instead, we’re stuck in this school with Rihito. That said, this was possibly one of the better episodes, but that sadly doesn’t say too much about this series. Oh, and I can’t wait to see what was on the memory card Nana gave to Jail. If it’s as pointless as the rest of the exposition, I’m going to be pretty annoyed.

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