Plunderer (Episode 15) – An Army That Does Not Kill

Plunderer Title

Jail got caught escaping from Nana’s room and reveals to Grigorovich who he is and where he came from, after realising that he is his adopted father. The students then head to the beach for more training!

An Army That Does Not Kill

After finding out why they had come from the future, Grigorovich takes them into the residential area to show them what the world has become. Food is sparse and people are willing to fight for it, but they’re also starving and weak. Jail realises that Alcia will only be created after the Waste War which means that they can’t stop Rihito from becoming Licht, but should instead focus on preparing for the future.

Firenda approaches Schmelman about using human test subjects to move the Aces project along, but he refuses and she’s not too pleased about that. Schmelman takes the students to the beach from some rest and relaxation and a bit of training. Rihito is determined to prove that they can win without killing and does so in an interclass contest.

Then, Schmelman’s colleague was killed and left a cryptic message. Firenda again urged Schmelman to go ahead with human testing, which he reluctantly did.

Episode Thoughts

It was a pretty uneventful beach episode, especially as it followed back to back bathroom episodes. There were some interesting piece of information, most notably why the Waste War was called that. Basically, it’s a war to cull the population by removing the waste populace! Then, we got to see the world outside of the school and it’s nasty, but not that nasty. It still looked like a group of regular people with slightly shabby clothing. It was also done with an exposition dump rather than letting us see it and understand it ourselves. Probably the most interesting thing in all of this was the way it showed Firenda to potentially be the villain and not Schmelman. There are still loads of questions to be answered, for example, what was on the memory stick and who is giving the deadlines for the war and why?

I’m still not particularly enjoying this series, but it has gotten marginally better. This may sound crazy, but I think this series would have benefitted from not having an ecchi involved and been a straight sci-fi fantasy series. Crazy, right?

Ecchi Highlights

Training Continues!

Can we use the Students?!

The Beach!


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