Plunderer (Episode 16) – The War of Waste Disposal

Plunderer Title

Rihito is going to have a procedure that will make him strong enough that they will never need to kill anyone… Everyone else is distraught and anxiously awaiting the results when soldiers from another country invade!

The War of Waste Disposal

So, Rihito has resolved to go through with the procedure so that he can save his friends, but they’re all torn up about it and are struggling with his sacrifice. The group from the future have resolved to allow it to happen so that Alcia comes to be, although Hina has an idea to stop Rihito from becoming the Rihito in the future. That means stopping home from killing anyone… but then wouldn’t that change the outcome of the Waste War?

Anyhow, Lynn is taking the news pretty hard, because she’s in love with him after the weird episode where he molested her and to take her mind off it, Pele forces her to the ground and shoves food in her mouth. Then, he has the gall to tell her to stop turning him on… Anyhow, soldiers from another country attack and Firenda is excited to discover that the four countries with Ballot Balls must have voted to move the date of the war forward to catch them off guard. They start killing students and have blown the power which means that Rihito is getting too much of Schelman’s blood! Can that turn on the back-up generators?

Episode Thoughts

So, this episode had basically zero ecchi and a couple of rapey moments… Now, I’m not against having violence and sexual violence in fiction, especially when it’s done to highlight something serious, however, this series seems to treat it as an extension of the ecchi content, which it is not. Ecchi is about the tease and accidental moments. There is nothing accidental about Pele stuffing food into Lynn’s mouth and telling her to stop making him horny!

There was actually nothing much more to this episode other than Rihito’s hair turned white and he’s getting too much power. I can already see the killing intent… lol! There was a little more action and this episode wasn’t the worst one yet, so that’s a plus at the moment. There is, however, a lot of really stupid things happening. For example, Grigorovich throws a piece of wood out and manages to convince a group of soldiers to give away their position by shooting at it. Then, he tells the students to run straight and somehow that will get them there while he draws the soldiers’ fire. I can’t wait for this one to be over.

Ecchi Highlights

Training Continues!

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