Plunderer (Episode 17) – Ace of Flashing Strikes

Plunderer Title

Well, I guess it’s time for Rihito to become the Ace of Flashing Strikes in what is possibly the most contrived set of events I think I’ve ever seen. And then, it’s time to go back to the future!

Ace of Flashing Strikes

Jail managed to get the power on and save Rihito at the last moment. Then, Schmelman gives him a sword that is like a ballot and tells him that everyone is going to be like a tortoise to him. Rihito then dodges bullets, brings down two helicopters (apparently without killing anyone…), and then celebrates winning with his friends.

Of course, the enemy has other ideas and reveal that they all have plastic explosives attached to their bodies. Rihito takes the detonator, but then they say there is a nuclear bomb in the school and the switch is in one of their bodies. The only way to stop them was to kill them and as they’re an army that doesn’t kill, Rihito is going to have to make a decision. He kills them.

Then, Jail, Hina, Lynn, and Pele are taken back to the future, but Hina strips down and makes Rihito touch her boob while telling him that she loves him and that she will have his kids in three hundred years…

Episode Thoughts

Well, this is it! This is the moment that this series became the most appallingly stupid thing I’ve ever seen. The writing is an utter shambles and everything was so completely contrived. Why on Earth would the soldiers pretend to have placed a nuclear bomb in the school and force Rihito to kill them? It makes absolutely no sense. The only possible answer is that it’s all been staged so that Rihito becomes a crazed killer. If that’s the case, I’m pointing my finger at Firenda, but even then, this is next level stupid.

Also, Rihito can move so fast that bullets appear to be frozen, but when it comes to stopping a group of guys from detonating a bomb, he has to kill them. This makes no sense and if he really wanted to be a soldier that doesn’t kill, he certainly had the power to do so. But then, this is hardly the first time this series hasn’t made any sense. Then, we have the completely bonkers scene at the end where Hina removes her top to tell Rihito she loves him. If I wasn’t seventeen episodes into this, I would be gone. I still can’t believe I’ve made it this far!

Ecchi Highlights

Urgh, what!

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