Plunderer (Episode 18) – Birth of Alcia

Plunderer Title

Does anyone want a one episode example of an exposition dump? No! Really! I find that surprising, but don’t worry, Plunderer is going to do it anyway. With Hina and friends back in the future, Licht goes on a killing spree!

Birth of Alcia

Rihito decides that he’s going to do all the killing and orders the rest of Class A to stand down. They struggle to watch him losing his personality and volunteer for the procedure too to help bear the burden. Four are selected, but then Rihito orders them to stand down anyhow. When it appears that the war is going nowhere and the Earth cannot be saved, Firenda decides that they should steal the Ballot Orbs and vote on Alcia, a floating continent to be created. On top of that, Alcia will plunder all of the resources from the world below to ensure their safety.

Tokikaze isn’t too happy with this plan and steals a Ballot Orb, but Firenda sends Rihito after him. He cuts him down mercilessly and then goes to sleep for a long, long time. When he wakes, he discovers what happened while he was sleeping and runs away with Hina.

Episode Thoughts

Where do I begin with episode? Well, let’s start with Hina addressing the audience. I always love it when a series suddenly breaks the fourth wall for no reason except to dump a steaming pile of exposition on my lap. That was basically all this episode was. One big pile of exposition. Events that could have been interesting and tragic were just thrown at us one after the other with no development or attempt to make us care for the characters. Then, the idea of Alcia, a floating continent that steals resources from the world below is just about the stupidest thing yet. With all that power from the Ballot Orbs, that was the best idea they could come up with! Seriously, why do I even watch this series? Six episodes left and then I am done. If they somehow manage to secure a second season, you can count me out. Send me to the Abyss already!

Ecchi Highlights

Is anyone still watching?

That poor soul!

Can’t wash it off or forget about it!

Wait, what!

Kill, kill, kill!

I’ve checked my notes. None of this makes sense!

Six more episodes of this!!!

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