Plunderer (Episode 19) – Cheating

Plunderer Title

We’re back in the present and it feels like everyone involved has realised what a dumpster fire this series is that they’ve all stopped trying and are just taking the piss now! Oh, yeah, this is Plunderer, episode 19.


Everyone is back in the future and Nana is going to throw a party. It’s a drink, eat, and grope fiesta! Hina tries to talk to Licht having left him hanging for three-hundred-years and he vomits when she tries to continue where they left off, calling her a loli… Jail shows Licht an iPad with the video from Nana talking about Licht. He’s sorry and reveals he didn’t know what his face should be like so he kept the mask on…

The next morning, Lynn and Hina are playing in the water. Pele calls Nana an old hag and is forced to drink more. Licht goes to the bathroom and doesn’t come back. Finally, everyone starts picking on Lynn and calling her fat. Hina tracks Licht down and he mentions her mother’s name…

Episode Thoughts

This episode can be summed up in two parts. There were some nice stills that the camera panned across and then there was the stinking pile of garbage that was the rest of the animation. Even the voice acting felt off in this episode. It really feels like they’ve all realised what this show is and have stopped trying. The single most annoying thing about this show is that there is a decent story buried somewhere in there, but it’s a mess. The characters are flat and driven only by what moves the plot forward (and by forward, I mean really, really slowly) and none of the scenes that should have any weight do, because they’re sandwiched between the rest of the garbage. I hate this series and can’t wait for it to be over.

Ecchi Highlights

Nice stills!

What is this garbage?!

How I feel watching this show!

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