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Plunderer Title

Can Licht defeat the Sergeant and return Hina’s numbers to her? You better believe it, but what happens next may come as a bit of a surprise. Who, if anyone, can Hina trust?

I Hate You!

Centuries ago the Waste War engulfed the world. It seemed like no one was going to win and the war would go on forever. But then, the Legendary Aces arrived with power and speed far beyond any mere mortal and ended the war in the blink of an eye. Soon after they disappeared, leaving humanity to pick itself up and find a better way to survive.

Back to things in hand, Licht makes the Sergeant with that he’d never picked a fight with Hina, showing off his incredible speed and strength. He moves so fast they can’t even see him and he can make shockwaves with every step. With the fight over, the Abyss takes the Sergeant’s numbers and gives them to Hina. Then, bizarrely, Licht takes the Ballot Orb and runs off, saying he’ll be able to sell it for lots of money.

Hina can’t believe what she’s seeing and leaves to find Nana and tell her what happened. Licht did, however, leave Hina with a small version of his big doll he had been carrying his sword inside. Nana realised what Licht had done and told Hina to keep hold of the doll, which contained her Ballot. Nana then told Hina that the Ballot is illegal and Licht probably took the fall so she wouldn’t be hunted.

Episode Thoughts

So, this series really isn’t getting any better. There were some absurd exposition moments, most notably from Nana talking to some random at her restaurant about Licht being a Legendary Ace, despite the military obviously looking for them. The storytelling is particularly bad in this series, especially how little Hina knows about the world she’s been walking around in for the last five years. It’s done to give us the chance to hear the explanations of things with Hina, but it still seems absurd. The action was all right in this episode and Licht’s power levels are awesome. There really wasn’t much in the way of ecchi content either. Only twenty-two episodes to go… I hope this gets better!

Ecchi Highlights

Licht to the Rescue!

Plunderer Episode 2 Licht and Hina

Everyone’s looking Bored!

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  1. Plunderer is really delivering on those highlights, a whole FOUR images?!
    Who tagged this anime as ecchi on MyAnimeList?

    “Only twenty-two episodes to go… I hope this gets better!”
    A cry for help if I ever saw one.
    I really hope so too, for your sanity!

    • The title of this episode perfectly reflects my views on it. Even without considering the ecchi it was a terrible episode and after the poor first episode. Wish I’d caught the early previews as I would have given this a wide berth.

      To be fair, it can only get better… can’t it?

      • Well SOMETHING has to happen over 24 episodes, right? Surely they can’t forget to put ecchi in all of them!

        • Worst thing is they keep talking about panties in the preview for the next episode and then… nothing… Maybe the entire series is one big tease…

          • writerRichieK

            I should’ve known Hina was gonna be my least fave character, not because she’s a damsel in distress, but after being groped so much in first episode, the way she behaves like everything is fine, she pissed me off like it’s a natural thing to do.

            Yeah, the female characters are badly-written in terms of being just plot devices for the main hero’s creepy groping & to make Hina not grow a brain for she has too much obliviousness occupying her brain I speculate…😑

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