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Plunderer Title

Licht reveals his connection to Hina’s mother and it doesn’t really answer any questions, but worry not, he drugs everyone and heads off to fight the bad guys on his own, although he’ll have to bro-off against Jail first…


So, Hina’s father is Tokikaze from three hundred years ago, but don’t worry Tokikaze is no blood relation to Licht and Hina’s mother was their childhood friend. Of course, the reason Licht decided to approach Hina and attempt to molest her was she reminded him of her… Seems like a fittingly stupid reason for this series! Anyhow, with that out of the way, it turns out the Licht drugged them all and planned to go fight the army on his own.

However, Jail can’t be drugged because of his convictions… seriously, where do they come up with this stuff… and is, of course, on the side of the army, because these two can’t just walk away from one another. So, they have to have a moment and butt heads. Schmelman has been planning on this all along and sends Doan to take on Licht, but then Schmelman wants Licht so he probably knows how that will go down as well. Also, Grigorovich is up to something and it involves some mysterious King who we are yet to see.

Episode Thoughts

So, there were all these reveals and yet none of it seemed to make much of an impact. Maybe, I’m just beyond the point of caring! I did notice in this episode that it seemed to use the Street Fighter II camera angle a lot where we’re watching from the side as two characters stare at one another. I am also completely over this odd bromance between Licht and Jail. It’s just boring. Anyhow, I’m twenty episodes into a series that I have not enjoyed one bit and in an ideal world I would have dropped it after two episodes and having seen this much more of it, I can confidently say that would have been the right decision.

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