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Hina, Pele, and Lynn are captured by Doan while Jail runs off to see his daddy! Also, the animation steadily gets worse and the story is dull. I wouldn’t recommend reading any further unless you enjoy a good rant!


Licht is dead! But, of course, he’s not really, although we have to wait another episode to find out because… well, why not. Having found Licht’s body, Hina, Pele, Lynn, and Nana are captured by Schmelman’s soldiers. Doan interrogates them and asks why he has memories of them and then says it must have been Nana. Moments later, Schmelman comes in and says the same thing… All right, we get it already. Schmelman wants to turn them into aces with a new drug he’s been working on and then leaves the room. Doan decides that they haven’t earnt the right to be aces because they didn’t fight in the war so he kills everyone and lets them go, but Hina manages to snag her bag on the only piece of metal in the building and drops the Ballot which Doan sees.

While all that was going on, Jail went to see his daddy and then challenges him to a fight. Of course, Grigorovich being over three-hundred-years old is obviously an ace and makes quick work of Jail. He then fires Jail from the army, which is what everyone wanted from the beginning. Grigorovich’s assistant even had fresh clothes for the newly fired Jail.

Episode Thoughts

Let’s start with the production values for Plunderer. There is a definite mixing of talents here. Some artwork looks great, but the vast majority of it looks awful. Body parts are out of scale and then there was Jail having no eyes after his glasses were broken. It’s been bad for a while now, but it’s getting worse.

Some of the defences of this series that I have noted are that the pacing is slow and you should read the manga. Well, the pacing may be slow, but it’s also hurried. Some scenes are breezed past without any real chance to get attached to anything and others are dragged out over a number of episodes.

Either way, the story is still pretty much the same, so anime or manga, it’s going to be a mess. The part with Doan killing all of Schmelman’s men moments after Schmelman left the room was stupid, but Hina cutting her bag on the one shard of metal and dropping the Ballot Ball for Doan to see was as dumb as it gets. This series has been full of contrived events that may move the plot along, but they’re lazy and generally don’t make any sense.

There’s only three more episodes and they can’t come soon enough. I need to purge all memories of this series from my mind.

Ecchi Highlights

Look at the quality artwork!

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