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Plunderer Title

A good story can suspend your disbelief and make you accept something that is unlikely by grounding some element of the story in reality. Well, you can forget that here… Plunderer just continues to defy logic!


So, Doan is going to kill Lynn, Hina, and Pele because of the Ballot and starts using his gravity attack on them. Somehow, they manage to survive the ground crumbling around them as they are forced down and then are able to stand up and distract him long enough for Lynn to run to the random horse waiting for her. She is going to find Licht’s body because he’s possibly not dead… Doan fires rocks at her and leads her riding off into the night, blood pouring from her wounds.

Lynn finds Licht and tries to revive him but she’s lost a lot of blood and passes out, thinking about her villagers. Well, surprise, they show up and patch her up and then start slapping Licht about because, of course, they all know the story… Lynn stops them and then nearly dies, but Licht awakens and carries her to Doan and the others. He tells Pele to fix her up and her says he doesn’t know what Licht is talking about, but then Licht tells him he knows and now’s not the time… Of course, Doan is standing there patiently waiting to fight, but first Licht has to tell Hina he loves her, they kiss, and she asks him to start making babies with her…

Licht and Doan start fighting, but then Sonohara returns and she’s crazy again. So, it’s Licht versus Doan and Sonohara. Meanwhile, Schmelman is watching it all unfold in his book…

Episode Thoughts

Logic is dead! This is the twenty-second episode of Plunderer and I’m almost ready to drop it with only two episodes left. If I wasn’t writing these reviews I would have canned this a long time ago. The story is just getting worse and worse. I don’t even care what happens in the last two episodes. Not one bit. I literally hate this series and think it may actually be the worst thing I’ve ever seen. There is nothing that can save it now. Nothing! NOTHING!!!

Ecchi Highlights

Lynn goes for help!

Where did you guys come from?

Pele has a Secret!

Falling for your Abuser/Step-Uncle!


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  1. Anthony Gironda II
    Anthony Gironda II

    If you don’t like this series, don’t watch it anymore. SIMPLE. AS. THAT.

      Thanks for the advice, I’ll be sure to take it should a season two emerge. As for season one, we’ll, I have my convictions, too.

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