Plunderer (Episode 23) – Unforgivable

Plunderer Title

If Licht is to save his friends, he’ll have to beat Sonohara and Doan at the same time. Even for a legendary ace, this might be too much. Maybe some help will mysteriously show up?!


Licht appears to be in trouble! Fighting two aces at once is going to be tough, especially when one can hold him in place as the other shots at him. Things are looking pretty bad. So bad, that Nana jumps in front of Licht. This just annoys Doan who then pins everyone down again, which is bad for Lynn’s surgery. Luckily, Jail walks into the fight which causes everyone to just stop and wait for him to have a chat with Licht about convictions. They team up to take them on.

Even with just a count of one, Jail is able to dodge Sonohara’s shots and then just walks straight toward her. Turns out she has no conviction to kill so her bullets keep missing, even if her special ability as an ace is that she never misses. Anyhow, Jail defeats her with nothing more than touching his glasses with his finger and then doing the same to Sonohara.

Licht isn’t so lucky. They stop to talk once more about the past and Doan reveals that he killed all of the child assassins that were sent to kill Licht because he can’t hurt children, possibly because he had too much Schmelman blood… Then, Doan unleashes his big attack which is a black hole. Even Licht can’t escape and is squashed into nothingness. Doan kills him again…

Episode Thoughts

So, Doan can create a black hole, but can’t hold four regular people down at once with his gravity attacks? Sure, why not. Once again the counts are proving to be a completely pointless part of this world as Jail with a count of just one can defeat an Ace without lifting a finger. And if you’re a big fan of suspense and are wondering if Licht will survive or not, don’t watch the preview of the next episode at the end of this one. You’re welcome. One more episode to go!

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