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Plunderer Title

Licht finds himself trapped in Doan’s black hole and has a bit of an existential crisis, but manages to free himself because he made a promise… After doing so, he punches Doan, who then just walks away!

My Ace

So, yeah, Doan just walks away because he doesn’t answer to anyone and Licht thanks him. Meanwhile, Lynn is recovering from her surgery and is surprised to find she’s wearing just her underwear. Even more surprising is that the villagers from her home are there too. They realise that she’s upset that Licht rejected her and go and kick his ass.

Jail offers to play with Nana as he made a promise three-hundred years ago and she blushes. Pele confronts Licht about how he knew that Pele would be able to save Lynn. He says that he doesn’t care because Pele is Lynn’s friend and that makes him his friend… Pele then goes to check on Lynn and shows off his terrible bedside manner. He then makes her food and confesses his love for her… kind of, and then calls her fat several times…

Licht has decided that the real problem with this world is Althing and he plans on getting the ballots and destroying it. Everyone else is on board. Of course, Schmelman is aware of all this and plans on taking over Alcia with a bunch of people that look suspiciously like Class A.

Episode Thoughts

I did it. I finished this series and this is the most relieved I think I’ve ever been to finish a series. This episode pretty much summed up the rest of the series as it had zero conflict and made zero sense. Firstly, Licht is in the black hole but can just get out because he made a promise. Fine whatever. Then when he gets out he punches Doan and he just gives up, gives them the ballot, and walks away. Of course, all of the characters are starting to pair up. Whatever. Who cares. It’s over and I am out!

Ecchi Highlights

Nice Fight…


The Village People Return!



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